County Supervisors to Meet Tuesday

The Antelope County Board of Supervisors will meet in open session on Tuesday, Oct. 11, at the courthouse in Neligh.

The agenda for the meeting is as follows:

• 8:00 AM Claims

• 9:30 AM Orchard Village law enforcement agreement

• Approve NBCS Certification and authorize the Chairman to sign Form 1F/McDonald

• 10 AM Public hearing HL Design Build conditional use permit constructing an agricultural sales facility located on the N1/2 Section 7-27-7 (Royal Twp) – no decision made by the Planning Commission – removed from the agenda as per Char Carpenter

• 10:30 AM Cindy Rudder/Liberty National supplemental plans for employee’s

• 10:45 AM Faythe Petersen/Disaster Training

• Re-districting Supervisor’s

• Select two criminal justice consulting firms who submitted a Needs Assessment Study

• Approval of the September 6, 2011 and September 13, 2011 regular board minutes

• Ron Marshall quarterly update

• Set fee for ag use permits

• Discuss TransCanada Pipeline/write letter

• Maximus Certification Statement and indirect expense space occupied by the Nebraska DHHS

• Miscellaneous fee report

• Treasurers fund balance report

• Sheriff’s September fee report

• Clerk of the district court

• September fee report

• Lease to purchase 1-Maddock 84E Asphalt Recycler Maddock Industries Inc/Schwager

• Correspondence


The items on the agenda do not necessarily have to be acted on in the above order.  The County Board has the right to modify the agenda upon convening, provided the matter is of an emergency nature.