County roads could become icy and dicey

Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska Winter Weather
Conditions on roads, especially county ones, could become bad.
Elgin Nebraska Antelope County Nebraska Winter Weather
Road conditions could deteriorate today, tomorrow & Friday.

Antelope County officials warn drivers of possible road deterioration

Motorists may want to heed a warning regarding Antelope County roads and the pending snowstorm.
Antelope County Emergency Manager Bob Moore and Road Superintendent Casey Dittrich are issuing the following statement:
“With impending weather, Antelope County is issuing a travel advisory due to extreme moisture moving into the area. Even though many roads have been repaired, a base has not been established and could quickly become dangerous. If travel is not necessary, we do not advise travel for the next four to five days, beginning Wednesday evening.
“Currently, Antelope County is asking for compliance with the travel advisory with the hopes of not having to issue a travel ban if people do not adhere to the warning. If a travel ban is implemented, it could be for several days. Staying off rural roads will help the situation.
“Weather predictions show Antelope County is on the edge between snow and rain with amounts varying at this time. Any moisture will lead to detrimental conditions and create unsafe driving conditions.  Snow covered roads may appear safe, but the fresh dirt will be dangerous. Residents are asked to consider stocking up on essentials, including medications, before the storm hits tonight.
“Antelope County will update residents when the travel advisory is lifted,” they said.