County Puts Irrigators on Notice

Irrigators in Antelope County should take notice of action taken last week by the Antelope County Board of Supervisors.

At their Tuesday meeting held June 8, the Supervisors passed a resolution concerning the watering of roadways by center pivot systems.

The resolution states that if a pivot is found to have watered a roadway, the violator will be given an initial warning from the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department. Any damage to the road will be repaired by the county road department and subsequently billed to the landowner.

Should the roadway be watered again, the landowner will be prosecuted under Nebraska State Statute 39-301, a class IV misdemeanor which would also include the cost of needed repairs to the road.

The status of the County Veteran Service officer was again discussed. The Supervisors had company this time as a number of veterans were in the audience.

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