County Democrats To Caucus March 5

Saturday, March 5, 2016, the Antelope County Democratic Party will be hosting a Presidential Caucus.
The caucus will begin at 10:30 at the Neligh Senior Center, 206 Main Street in Neligh.
Residents of Antelope County who will be eligible to vote by November 8, 2016 may participate.
Each participant must be a registered Nebraska Democrat. People may register to vote or change their party affiliation at the caucus.
During the caucus, Democrats are encouraged to actively campaign for candidates Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders. They may organize, give speeches, pass out literature, balloons – whatever they think might sway participant’s to shift their support.
Voting is done by moving to different sections of the room. One section is designated for each candidate and one for undecided. At regular intervals, a participant may move to a different group and realign with a different candidate.
A candidate’s group must have at least 15 percent of the total participants to remain viable. At the end of the caucus the Caucus Chair reports the percentage support Antelope County is granting each Presidential candidate.
Democrats who are unable to attend the caucus may complete an Absentee Presidential Preference Card Request form at
Their vote mush reach the Nebraska Democratic Party (NDP) by March 1st.
Observers are welcome, but only registered Democratic Party participants may vote on caucus matters. Guests will be asked to sit in a separate area, must remain quiet and may not become involved in the caucus discussions.
The Nebraska Democratic Party began using the caucus method to determine support for Presidential candidates in 2008.