Council to Consider Amending Dangerous Dog Ordinance

In response to an attack by pit bulls on pet dogs near Elgin City Park, the Elgin City Council has set the ‘wheels’ in motion to change the dangerous dog breed ordinance on the books.
At Monday night’s meeting, the council instructed City Attorney Ron Temple, in one of his final acts before relinquishing the position later this summer, to place new language in the ordinance which would:
1) not allow any type of dog breed which is generally dangerous mean or vicious, to be anywhere in the corporate limits of the City of Elgin
2) require a licensing program for all dogs kept in the city limits
This followed an hour-long discussion which showed just how much of an emotional issue this has become following the May 27 attack in which three pit bulls, belonging to Donna Payne and Sam Fackler and kept in an RV at the park, got loose and later attacked two dogs belonging to Kathy and Brian Dinslage. The dogs died from their injuries.

For the complete story, see the print edition of The Elgin Review.