Council Hires Tree Trimmer

With the deadline to trim trees hanging too low above city streets nearing, the Elgin City Council Monday night approved the hiring of a company to assist local residents.

Two bids were received for trimming trees. Big Timber Tree Service out of Norfolk bid $100 per hour with a discount if the city provided assistance. Tilden’s James Cornett submitted a bid of $75 per hour for trimming and $75 per hour for pickup and haul away. The costs for trimming will be assessed to property owners after the work is completed. The council voted 4-0 to go with Big Timber Tree Service.

Money was a key factor with another item on the agenda. Mayor Mike Schmitt opened bids for the sale of a Crown Victoria which served as a polie car, and for a city pickup which is no longer needed. At the conclusion of the the bid opening process, the Council accepted the high bids for both vehicles. Submitting the high bid for the car ($1,600) was Brandon Miller while the pickup went to Jeff Scholl ($1,525.97).

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