Council Hears Dog Complaints

Concerns about dogs running loose came to a head Monday night’s Elgin City Council meeting.

Residents Duane Hoefer, Janet Koinzan and Kyle Warren voiced concerns about dogs running at large being a nuisance and asked what could be done about it? So, too, did Councilwoman Shirley Nissen who spoke about two small dogs in her neighborhood which have become a problem.

Hoefer asked if there were any restrictions on the types of dogs which can be kept inside the city limits? There are none. He then asked how many dogs can be kept on a property before it is considered a kennel? City Clerk Vicki Miller said is no language on the city books or state statutes which deal with the matter.

Warren asked if there is a leash law in Elgin? Councilman Donnie Mackel said there is such an ordinance on the books, but it needs to be enforced.

“We have a problem in our neighborhood,” Nissen said. She went on to say maybe the Council should take a look at licensing dogs and requiring vaccinations. Two small dogs, she said in her neighborhood, will nip at your heels if you aren’t careful.

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