Council Approves Bid For Armor Coating

Meeting on a rare Tuesday night, the Elgin City Council last week set forth on a plan to improve streets in the community.
As part of their yearly summer maintenance projects, council members opened bids submitted by two companies for armor coating streets. TopKote and The Road Guy submitted bids for 7,000 gallons of MC-800 Armor Coat. TopKote submitted the low bid of $3.12 per gallon which was accepted on a 4-0 vote. That’s the good news. The bad news is that 7,000 gallons of armor coating won’t even do a third of the streets in the community. Still, it’s part of an annual maintenance program which has been going on for years now.
Also during the meeting, the council approved two ordinances. LeaAnn Quist, representing Great Plains Communications, said the company’s franchise agreement to provide telephone and cable TV services to the community was about to expire.
“We appreciate being in the City of Elgin,” she said. “We hope we’re providing a good service and hope to continue that relationship.” To do so, the council passed Ordinance #631, suspending the required three readings, to approve a new franchise agreement.
The other ordinance approved was Ordinance #630 which amends Ordinance #629 recently passed to vacate a portion of First Street to allow for Central Valley Ag to add grain bins to increase their storage capacity. City Clerk Vicki Miller said the amendment was necessary because #629 was not specific enough.
Both ordinances passed on 4-0 votes.
On another matter, the council approved advertising in The Elgin Review to sell two handguns which were used by the Elgin Police Department before it was dissolved when the decision was made to have law enforcement protection provided by the Antelope County Sheriff’s Department. Soon, the City of Elgin will advertise for sale two revolvers, holsters and magazines. The purchaser will have to provide proof of a Nebraska gun buyers permit.
In other action:
Renewal — The Council approved renewal of its’ insurance package with Elgin Insurance Services.
Summer help — Bill Miller has agreed to coach the Pee Wee boys baseball team. Kim Fangman will coach the 12 & Under girls softball team.
Permits — Building permits, requiring the necessary signatures, were approved for the City of Elgin/Rural Fire Board, and for Bruce Clark.
Park — Bethany Miller, speaking on behalf of the Elgin Young N’ Lively organization, ask the council to help financially support the development of a toddler area at Elgin City Park. She said the organization would donate $1,000 towards the goal and would seek a grant from the Kalvelage Trust for additional funds. She asked for financial assistance from the City. After a brief discussion, the Council approved allocating $3,000 towards the project.
Pool — The council approved the hiring of Jamie Bode to sub-manage the Elgin Swimming Pool this summer.