Council Amends Ordinance to Ban Certain Types of Snakes

It was a light agenda for the Elgin City Council Monday night, taking approximately 30 minutes to conduct business before adjourning.
That’s not to say the Council didn’t address any important matters. On the contrary, the council amended an ordinance to prohibit residents from having certain types of animals inside the city limits.
On a unanimous vote, Ordinance #525 was amended to now include poisonous reptiles, cobras, vipers, boomslangs and Kirkland’s tree snakes, gila monsters, sunbeam snakes, Dwarf boas, pythons, splitjaw snakes, Old World sand boas and boas with other animals which are prohibited in Elgin.
Also during the meeting, City Clerk Vicki Miller said the date has been set for a public hearing to discuss a preliminary engineering report and potential impacts to the City of Elgin and its water rates.
The hearing will be held on Nov. 5, beginning at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. The hearing is required for the State Revolving Loan Funding from the Nebraska Department of Environmental Quality and other funding agencies.

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