Construction Underway For Prairie Breeze II

Activity associated with the construction of a new wind energy farm near Elgin is well underway.
“We’re pleased to report that initial construction activity has begun on the Prairie Breeze II Wind Energy Center,” said Alissa Krinsky, Director of Communications for Invenergy LLC (owner of the wind farm). “This includes starting construction of project access roads, as well as turbine foundations.  Several turbines have been delivered to a temporary holding facility in the area, with the bulk of the turbines to be delivered next month.  Turbine erection will occur over the summer months.”
The wind farm, to be located on land north and east of Elgin, will have 41 wind turbine units, considerably smaller than Prairie Breeze I which has close to 120 wind turbines which were put into operation last spring. Prairie Breeze is expected to utilize 1.6 MW to 1.85 MW capacity wind turbines.
As many as 200 construction jobs will be created with the new wind farm. When it is completed, the wind farm will create approximatley seven permanent jobs (which would be in addition to the 13 already employed at the existing Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Center). Construction is estimated to be completed by the end of 2015. General contractor is Wanzek Construction of North Dakota.
Energy produced by Prairie Breeze II will be utilized by Lincoln Electric Systems as part of a long-term power purchase agreement signed last year.
“We appreciate the community’s patience as construction gets underway,” Krinsky said. “Since safety is our foremost priority, we ask that residents be mindful of traffic re-routes and components being delivered in the area.  The community’s support is greatly appreciated, and we’re excited to build an additional new source of clean, homegrown energy in Antelope and Boone Counties.”