Congressman Smith Sees Constituents at The Willows

Opportunities to meet and question a member of Congress are rare. Yet, area residents were given the opportunity to do just that when Third District Congressman Adrian Smith came to Neligh Thursday afternoon.
Residents of The Willows were joined by a number of area residents to hear Smith answer their queries on a wide array of subjects.
Smith’s visit was a simple one, to field questions and try to provide answers. During the hour he was at the Willows, he had an answer for every question.
Asked to explain changes in Medicare, he said the proposals being offered in the House of Representatives will not affect anyone over age 55. For those under that age, he said laws need to be enacted to make sure all can afford what it costs to get care when the time comes.
“Medicare needs fixing,” Smith said. “We need to do something or we are endorsing its demise…President Obama wants to extend the life of Medicare eight years. We owe the American people more than eight years.”
He went on to say, “When you remove the politics from it (the Medicare debate) we can sustain Medicare for generations to come. We want to make sure we can do that in the future.”

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