Community Surveys Need To Be Completed!!

Remember those community attitude/income surveys sent out last month? Hopefully more of you will remember to fill them out and return them. At Monday night’s Elgin City Clerk Vicki Miller said so far, less than half of the income surveys have been returned to Northeast Nebraska Economic Develop-ment District (NENEDD).
Mayor Mike Schmitt and council members appeared frustrated with the news as the income surveys are critical to the community becoming eligible for federal and state grants like other area communities have received. Miller said she received one unsigned letter asking why Elgin doesn’t receive the type of community grants that others towns do? The answer, she said, is a simple one. Elgin will become eligible for those type of grants if residents fill out the income surveys and return them to NENEDD in envelopes provided with the surveys. No one at City Hall will see the completed surveys so privacy will be maintained.