Community Foundation Donations Top $5,800

Last month the Elgin Community Foundation began their annual fund drive. So far, the response has been strong. More than $5,800 has been collected in the past few weeks.
Persons recently donating to the foundation were: Gary & Bonnie Dinslage, Mardelle Blair in memory of Jack Blair, Janie Score, the late Darlene Schindler, the Bob & Karen Koenig family in honor of Ben & Jean Koenig, Claudia Cismondi in honor of Ben & Jean Koenig, Wilfred & Evelyn Arehart, June Kerkman in memory of Louis Kerkman, Denis & Jan Henn, Loretta Krause, Thomas & Marilyn Reilly, El;izabeth Salber in memory of Mel Salber.
So far, the total raised is $5,838.81.