Commissioning Of Wind Turbines Underway

Construction of the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy farm is entering a new phase.
Alissa Krinsky, corporate spokesperson for Invenergy, owner of the wind farm, told The Elgin Review Monday work is now underway to commission the wind turbines.
“Commissioning activity is underway on turbines at the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Center,” she said. “This is the process by which a series of standard operational tests are performed on each turbine. The turbines are synchronized to the electricity grid and then certified as ready for safe and reliable operation.”
As technicians perform this work on-site, local residents may see turbines spinning off and on. She said just because the turbine is spinning does not mean it’s actually commissioned quite yet.
“This is an exciting time in the project’s development and we look forward to providing further updates in the near future,” she said.
Krinsky also provided an update on several other issues relating to the wind farm.
• Turbine blades — Work continues to replace a limited number of blades on project turbines. Invenergy issued a statment expressing their appreciation  of the patience landowners have shown as well as others in the community during the process.
• Operations & Maintenance building — The site has been graded and concrete foundations have been poured. Now, they are waiting for warmer weather to finish pouring the slab.

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