Commissioners raise issues about recall process

An Antelope County Commissioners meeting held Thursday was supposed to focus on preparations for the 2019-2020 budget. However, before the budget matters were addressed, 40 minutes of anger and frustration spilled out regarding an upcoming special recall election.
With signatures verified, a recall election will be held this fall.
However, issues were raised by several commissioners about how soon they had to set the date.
District #3 Commissioner Allan Bentley, one of two facing recall (the other being Board Chairman Tom Borer) told the other commissioners that he had no problem waiting til September 3 to set the date for the meeting. Lisa Payne, in her role as county clerk/election commissioner, said the board couldn’t wait because state statute doesn’t allow for it. County Attorney Joe Abler backed up Payne’s position.
What followed was pointed, sometimes heated questions and accusations. The issue which created the most discussion was the mail-out ballot.

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