Commission Lowers Surcharge for SourceGas

Starting this month, customers of SourceGas will see a reduction in a surcharge for the cost of natural gas on their monthly bills.  The surcharge, which is reflected on bills as part of the base rate, is decreasing by roughly 9 cents per therm of gas consumed. 

The surcharge is ordinarily shown as part of the distribution rates; however, bills rendered during June and July will display multiple lines of distribution charges to reflect the surcharge rate reduction effective June 1.  All bills are prorated so that gas consumed prior to June 1 is surcharged at a rate of $0.1174 per therm; after June 1 the rate is $0.0087.  Customers will see as many as 6 lines of distribution charges on bills for meter readings that overlap the months of May and June.  The company’s base distribution rates for residential customers are $0.50 for the first 20 therms and $0.1084 for all subsequent therms.

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