City to Require All Dog Owners to License Pets

Dog owners in Elgin will be required to license their dogs following action taken Monday night by the Elgin City Council. One month and four days after a pit bull attack left two pet dogs dead, council members are taking decisive steps to “clean up” the community’s dog problem.
Steps taken were:
• Require all dogs age four months and older belonging to persons inside the city limits to be licensed. Licenses can be purchased at city hall where records will be kept including a photo of the animal. The cost of the license will be $15 annually.
• Dog licenses must be renewed annually by May 1.
• All dogs are to wear a metallic tag attached to a dog collar.
• Dogs found running at large without a current dog tag from the City of Elgin will be declared a public nuisance, be impounded and the owner fined and required to purchase a dog license.
• Increase the license fee from $100 to $500 for persons to have a kennel (defined as keeping more than three dogs or cats). The motion passed on a 3-1 vote (Nissen voting ‘nay’).

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