City Pledges $5,000 Towards New Pool Fund

When it was constructed back in 1960, it was state-of-the-art. Now, more than 50 years later, the Elgin Swimming Pool, while functional, is showing its age.
At Monday night’s meeting of the Elgin City Council, two members of the Elgin Ko-ed Group (EKG) stepped forward with a fundraising plan which, down the road, could pay for a new pool.
Michael Moser and Todd Heithoff told Council members the EKG is initiating a fund drive to raise funds to cover the costs for a new pool to be constructed sometime in the next five to 10 years.
“We want to get started so we have some funds available,” he said.
Heithoff said the EKG was formed to help with the Q125 celebration. He said the non-profit organization will continue to exist after the Q125 celebration and wants to make a donantions towards a new pool. He said with the farm economy good, donations could come in.
They asked the Council to pledge some funds to kickoff the fundraising campaign. An account has been established at the Bank of Elgin for persons wishing to donate to the pool fund.
Councilman Ken Jochum said the city’s focus at the moment is a new water well. He, and other council members, were supportive of the pool campaign. To that end, the council pledged $5,000 to come from the pool, park & youth fund, towards the pool fund.