City Passes New Wage Ordinance

Meeting on a rare Thursday night, the Elgin City Council disposed of a light agenda in little less than an hour.

On a unanimous vote, the council approved Ordinance No. 622 which will increase employee wages. According to Mayor Evans, the changes will reflect a 3.5 percent increase in wages for the city clerk, utilities superintendent, assistant maintenance and part-time police officer. In approving the ordinance the council voted to suspend the reading on the ordinance at three separate meetings.

Earlier in the meeting the Council held two public hearings. One was to hear comments on the proposed 2010-2011 city budget and the other to hear comments on the proposed levy. City Clerk Vicki Miller said no one offered comments on either the budget or the levy and they were subsequently approved during the meeting. 

The only person attending the meeting, aside from the council members and city officials was Tree Board member Mike Dvorak. Miller said Dvorak indicated that Steve Rasmussen with the Nebraska Forest Service will be in Elgin soon to do an inspection of the trees at thepark. After hearing Rasmussen’s assessment of the park, the board will then take that information into account before submitting the necessary paperwork for a tree grant.

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