City of Elgin Encourages Residents to Recycle

Elgin residents, as well as those in surrounding towns served by Bud’s Sanitary Service, are being asked to participate in a new co-mingled recycling program.  The program will start in Elgin on November 1, 2012.
This will not be a curbside pickup program.  Residents will still take their recyclables to one of the two brown dumpsters located south of the post office or to one of the two brown dumpsters located west of the swimming pool.  Dumpsters are very clearly marked.
“We want all recyclables, including plastic bottles, steel and aluminum cans, cartons, paper and cardboard,” said Les Nienaber of Bud’s Sanitary Service.  “It is important to keep these materials out of the landfills.”
Nienaber requests that all the items are clean.  Caps, rings and labels are okay, but PLEASE remove all caps off containers.

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