City Council Urged to Make Water, Sewer Repairs

A number of Elgin residents spent Monday night at City Hall urging the Elgin City Council to move forward with repairing aging water lines.

Hank Schueths said he believes our small village has serious problems as far as the water system is concerned. He cited various leaks in the water line which have occurred. Others in the audience cited examples of low water pressure around town as well.

Schueths then commented about the uncertain status of a city well, creating a need for the Elgin City Council to start planning for the future.

“I feel you should start saving money for the future repair of the water system,” he said, urging the use of sales tax funds be shifted to water and sewer repair.

But, one can’t just shift sales tax funds without a vote of the people.

City Clerk Vicki Miller said during the past fiscal year more than $61,000 was collected in sales tax revenue. Of that amount, five percent is used for economic development, 20 percent for street, water and sewer, 20 percent to park, pool and youth programs, 25 percent to fire and rescue and the remainder, 30 percent, goes into the city’s general fund.

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