City Council Receives Formal Complaint Filed On Two Elm Street Properties

The City of Elgin has asked City Engineer John Zwingman to investigate a formal complaint filed concerning two homes in the 200 block of Elm Street.
Meeting Monday night, the Elgin City Council received a preliminary report on the two properties which, according to City Clerk Vicki Miller, due to their current state, do come under the city’s dangerous building standards.
Zwingman, who was at the meeting, said viewing the properties from the public right of way, they appear to have foundation and roof issues. One house has, among other issues, missing windows.
Before he can prepare a formal report, Zwingman asked City Hall to provide him with what legal rights the City has before going onto the properties for a thorough inspection.
Mayor Mike Schmitt said he would get that information to Zwingman so City Hall can proceed on the matter.

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