City Council Looks at Private Wells

Meeting Monday night, the Elgin City Council discussed private water wells inside the city limits.

Mayor Mike Schmitt questioned whether or not the city has some type of fee to charge residents who would want to have private wells.

Currently, there are two known private wells inside the city limits.

Some concern was raised during the discussion about the dangers of possible water contamination which could occur from private wells. Councilman Jim Kittelson said private wells need to be a minimum of 1,000 feet away from any existing well.

“We have to keep our own in mind so we can keep our water system going,” Schmitt said.

Council person Shirley Nissen recommended that no private wells be allowed in the city limits, but said a thermal loop is a different story.

Following more discussion, it was learned that there is an ordinance on the books that requires citizens to come before the city to seek a permit before drilling a well. It’s possible that the ordinance might be amended to attach a fee which could deter citizens from seeking private wells on their property.

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