City Council Approves Dog Ordinances

Meeting Monday night, the Elgin City Council passed two ordinances as part of a continuing effort to make the community safe from ‘dangerous’ dogs.
Twice, council members voted unanimously to pass ordinances. They were:
• Ordinance 3-307 — Providing for the Regulation of Dogs. The ordinance bans certain breeds of dogs, ‘grandfathers’ in those same breed of dogs which are currently living in Elgin but forbidding any future such animals from being kept by the owners, establishing guidelines for the construction of kennels to keep the animals, and requirements for keeping dogs on a leash when not confined. Pet owners will have until October 1 to construct a kennel to keep their dog in outside and it will need to meet measurements noted in the ordinance.
• Ordinance 3-308 — Kennel License. The ordinance defines that any person having more than three dogs, or three cats, be required to purchase a kennel license. The license fee is $500 annually.
The ordinances will go into effect after being  published in next week’s Elgin Review newspaper.