Change In Leadership Announced At Boone & Antelope Mutual Insurance Company

There’s been a change in the leadership of the Boone & Antelope Mutual Insurance Company based in Elgin.
It was announced last week that Eric Lordemann has assumed the role as secretary/treasurer of the company.
Stephen Lordemann, who previously held the position, will now serve as assistant secretary/treasurer along with Gloria Lordemann who will remain assistant secretary/treasurer of the business located at 104 N. Second Street.
Ownership of the company will continue to remain with its policy holders as it has in the past.
Stephen Lordemann said Monday morning that it was the appropriate time to make the move.
“We’re just switching roles,” he said about the change.
Eric has filled the role of assistant since joining the business in January 2013.
The action was taken by the company’s board of directors at the company’s annual meeting.
One of the oldest businesses in the area, the Boone and Antelope Insurance Company was formerly the Roman Catholic Farmers Mutual Insurance Company of Raeville. According to the Q125 History Book, it was formed in February 1893 by a group of German farmers of the St. Bonaventure Parish of Raeville. The name change occurred in 1960. The home office was located in Petersburg at the Herman Schmitz Insurance Agency. Schmitz served as secretary/treasurer for over 30 years before retiring in 1986. At that time, the Board of Directors elected Steve Lordemann as secretary/treasurer. The office moved to Elgin in 1993.