Carnival Likely Coming Back To Vetch Days Celebration

After a one-year hiatus, the annual Vetch Days celebration will again bring a carnival to Elgin.
That was the consensus following Monday night’s club meeting at the Steel Steed Steakhouse & Saloon.
Dean Schrage told a good-size gathering he believed the club needs to pursue signing a carnival for the 2016 Vetch Days AND return the celebration to a week-day celebration as it has been in past years. The club would like to have a weekend celebration, but no weekends have been available on the carnival’s schedule in recent years with the notable exception of the Q125 celebration whereby Richard’s Amusements was guaranteed $10,000 to set up.
Noting how bars don’t schedule anything during weekends during the summer due to area celebrations, etc., Schrage said if the celebration is held during the week then things can be scheduled. “We need to plan around a carnival,” he said.
Rita Wagner agreed with Schrage’s view that Vetch Days’ events need to be planned around a carnival.
General discussions have been had with Richard’s Amusements about returning to Elgin in 2016. Schrage said once carnival season is over, sometime in October, more serious discussions will take place. “They said they’ll come during the middle of the week, they have nothing against Elgin,” he said.
Heading up the discussion, Anne Parks said that with pre-sale of carnival tickets, there’s not a great cost with the carnival. With inflatables in the park this year, she said it cost the club approximately $1,500.
The Vetch Days BBQ was very popular this year, held at Elgin City Park. However, it appears the BBQ may be moved back to the KC Hall or somewhere near the carnival as part of an effort to bring events closer together.
Lois Schrunk said celebrations and events, not just here in Elgin, are hard to do because people are “spread so thin” being involved in so many activities.
Bruce Clark said he wants to again do the antique tractor pull, but would likely have to schedule it separate from Vetch Days if the celebration is held during the week. He suggested offering the carnival more guaranteed ticket sales for a weekend date. Alan Reicks said negotiations were made, several years in advance of the Q125 to guarantee a carnival for a weekend.
The dates for Vetch Days can’t be set until a contract is signed with the carnival which won’t be known till likely January 2016.
Upcoming events
Club members discussed the upcoming summer event at Kerkman’s Kove. “Vegas Night” will be the theme for the gathering to be held at Kerkman’s Kove (formerly FloBert Springs) on Friday, Aug. 7. Tickets are $10 per person and are now on sale at The Elgin Review, Bank of Elgin, Dean’s Market, Hometown Station and One Stop. Last year, approximately 170 tickets were sold for the event. Hosted by the Bank of Elgin, the meal will consist of brisket and all the fix-ins. Games will be played throughout the evening.
Earlier in the meeting, Elgin’s two representatives at Girl’s State this year gave a presentation. Katie Polk and Whitney Walker Moore spoke about their experiences at the week-long event held in Lincoln. The girls shared their experiences, how they made friends which they remain in contact with.
“I would go back in a heartbeat,” Walker Moore said. “I would too,” Polk added. Altogether, 495 girls attended Girls State.