Cargill Awards $2,000 Grant to Community Center

Cargill’s vision is to be the global leader in nourishing people, and they are committed to leveraging our leadership in food and agriculture to tackle complex challenges of nutrition and hunger. 

Cargill seeks to engage its employees and locations in addressing hunger issues on a local level. 

In 2009, Cargill businesses and employees galvanized to participate in the Emergency Hunger Relief Effort. More than 20 Cargill businesses made 230 grants totaling $2.5 million to local charitable organizations. 

The Elgin Senior Citizens and Community Center is a non-profit organization providing meals, and services to the elderly in the community. 

They provide congregated and home delivered meals, along with health and personal enrichment programs and activites for seniors. Employees from Cargill Albion that live in the Elgin community were allotted a specific amount of dollars that were originally to be used for an employee outing. These dollars could be donated where the employee’s felt would be most resourceful in the Elgin community.

Through the Nourishing People Challenge Grants, Cargill locations receive corporate matching grants to support programs that address short or long-term solutions to hunger in Cargill communities around the world. 

The Cargill employees wrote a grant to match the funds that they were given. 

This grant was approved and Cargill Albion is honored to donate $2,000 to the Elgin Senior Citizens and Community Center. The center is in need of a variety of items that can be used in their kitchen, to provide nutritious meals. This donation will help with the needs of the many people who have made Elgin the community that it is. 

Cargill Albion Employee’s from Elgin are Duane Hoefer, Brenda Meis, Terry Reicks and Reah Schiltmeyer.