CarePartners Program At BCHC Awarded $2,500 Grant

The CL Werner Foundation, based out of Omaha, has notified the Health Center in Albion that a portion of their CarePartners project has been funded.
The CarePartners team works with individuals, their families and caregivers who are coping with Alzheimer’s or dementia by offering therapy and treatment options.
The 2,500 dollar grant will fund three Apple IPads.
Technology and computers continue to change healthcare with patients benefitting.
CarePartners therapist will use the three IPads for digital therapy for Alzheimer’s and dementia patients.
While there is no cure for the disease, proper and early intervention is known to slow the process. Digital therapy shows promise for these patients and can be used at home.
“Mental stimulation is highly therapeutic for individuals with cognitive disorders, showing proven positive outcomes,” stated Valorie Slizoski, BCHC Social Worker.
The CL Werner Foundation is dedicated to helping those in need and donates to well-managed and effective non-profits organizations.  The Foundation was started by Clarence L. Werner who was originally from the Petersburg area.  According to a spokesperson for the Foundation, they are interested in funding areas that help women and children, human services, health services, education and religion.