“Caps” To Benefit Disabled Children

Even if you already have a hundred good reasons to recycle, add another one to your list. Elgin’s Bargain Box will be the main drop off point for the “Caps of Love” campaign in Elgin. “Caps of Love” is a non-profit organization whose goal is to raise money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children in the United States.
According to Linda Kerkman, it was a natural fit for the Bargain Box to be a drop off point for the plastic caps.
“It fits in with everything else we recycle,” she said, referring to the thrift store’s role in the community. It also is fitting that monies raised at Elgin’s Bargain Box and Caps of Love go to benefit the needy.
What Type Of Caps?
So which caps should you save? “Only ones that are plastic,” explained Kerkman. HARD PLASTIC CAPS such as liquid laundry detergents, hand sanitizer, beverages, toothpaste, shampoo, spray paint, tennis ball can lids, grated cheese, cream cheese, salad dressing, peanut butter, medicines and many others. They can be any color but they must be clean with any paper or foil removed from them.
Not Accepted
Absolutely no metal caps will be accepted. Also Kerkman said plastic caps like those on face creams and cosmetics are not acceptable. Pump tops can not be recycled through this program either. Soft plastic lids such as those on fast food or convenience store fountain drinks are also prohibited. If a plastic cap has a metal lining, it will not be acceptable.
Why Recycle Caps?
Recycling plastic caps raises money to buy wheelchairs for disabled children. It has an environmental benefit also as discarded caps are a different grade of plastic from the bottles and are valuable in bulk. They can be sold to companies using recycled “post-consumer” plastic to create new products such as plastic shipping pallets, park benches, plastic paint cans and more.
For more information on what items can be accepted or how your recycling will help the needy in the United States, visit their website (www.CapsOfLove.com) or facebook page (Caps of Love).
Another drop off box can be found at the east entrance of the St. Boniface Catholic Church basement.