Bright Horizons Are Benefactors of EPS Community Service Project

In this, the season of giving, seventh grade students at Elgin Public Schools have done their part to help others. Ken Newcomb, who teaches seventh grade civics class at the school, believes that civics reach far beyond government and into what it means to be a citizen of a community. Because of that, he asked his students to complete a community service project.
“With some nudging, they decided that a diaper drive would be something they could do,” he said last week. “They chose a goal of 1,000 diapers. In several weeks, they have exceeded their goal, collecting more than 1,653 diapers and 4,582 individual baby wipes along with some lotion and an outfit.
“The kids are really excited,” Newcomb said about what the students have accomplished.
On Monday, Dec. 22, seventh graders loaded up the diapers, etc., and delivered them to Bright Horizons who serves the needs of Antelope County. “The ability to finalize the project by personally delivering them is a huge part of the process in my mind,” the instructor said.
“The kids have grown a lot this semester,” he added. “When we started this project I heard comments like, ‘Why can’t poor people just get a job?’ and ‘I want nothing to do with helping single moms, it’s their own fault.’ After some reflection time during this process I believe every student has a better feeling about helping others, regardless of who they are.
“I am proud of them and believe they have discovered a little more Christmas spirit,” Newcomb said.