ELECTION RESULTS – Elgin/Antelope County Voters Have Their Say

Antelope County voters bucked the trend and overwhelmingly voted the McCain/Palin ticket in the 2008 General Election.  Obama/Biden received 754 votes compared to 2,367 for the Republicans. Nationally, the Obama/Biden ticket won handily.

In other races of interest, for the US House of Senate, Mike Johanns (R) received 2,107 votes compared to Democrat Scott Kleeb with 981 votes.  Adrian Smith (R) won his congressional district garnered 2,394 votes to Jay Stoddard’s 534.  These figures — plus those below — reflect ANTELOPE COUNTY NUMBERS ONLY unless otherwise noted.

In Antelope County, Paul Eurek received 1,569 votes for Legislative District 41 while Kate Sullivan received 1,382.  Sullivan went on to win the seat by a margin of less than 1,000 votes.  For County Supervisor, Democrat Merlin Bolling received 265 for District 2, Republican Charlie Henery received 430 for District 4 and Republican Harlan Brandt received 380 for District 6.

In Elgin, the District 18 school board had four members up for election/re-election. For 4-year terms, voters selected Laurie Waterbury (448), Stan Heithoff (439) and Kim Wells (396). Ryan Reestman was elected to a 2-year term with 526 votes.  For the Elgin City Council, Mike Schmitt (Ward 1) ran unopposed and received 133 votes. In Ward 2, incumbent Richard VonBonn fell to challenger Donald Mackel, 53-113.

At this time, all results are unofficial.