Boone County Health Center announces a breach

Elgin, Nebraska Antelope County, Nebraska Boone County Health Center
Boone County Health Center announced an information breach.

The following information was released late Monday afternoon by Boone County Health Center.

Albion, Nebraska –  If you received a letter from FastHealth about a security incident that may have involved some of your information, please do not ignore it. This is a legitimate letter.

FastHealth is taking responsibility for this incident by providing a free identity monitoring service. If you would like this service, you must sign up for it by June 27, 2018. The letter has directions on how to do this and information on other options.

Boone County Health Center takes these matters very seriously. If you have further concerns, please call Jeanne Temme at 402.395.3154 or Tanya Sharp at 402.395.3213.

Jenni DeWitt

Grant Coordinator/Marketing Assistant

Boone County Health Center

723 West Fairview, POB 151

Albion, NE 68620