Blade ‘Runners’ Busy At Wind Farm

One can look to the west of Elgin and know efforts to develop the Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Farm are progressing.
Walking west down Cedar Street, one could look to the horizon Saturday and see the blades of a wind turbine being raised by a crane and put into place.
Work on sites west of Highway 14 continue towards the goal of constructing 118 wind turbines. The wind farm is being built at locations in Madison, Boone and Antelope counties.
Alissa Krinsky, communications director with Invenergy, the Chicago-based corporation who owns the farm, said turbine erection “is going well with 25 WTG’s (with the base, mid, top and nacelle sections set) installed as of mid-September.”
Art Fletcher, vice president of construction, was equally optimistic about the progress being made on the wind farm.
“We’re pleased to report again that construction is going very well. And we cannot express strongly enough how much we appreciate the support and assistance from local residents and officials as the development of the wind farm continues. It is gratifying to know that the community is as excited as we are to build a new source of clean energy generation in Nebraska.”
Almost every morning, the grounds of Elgin One Stop are filled with semi-trailer trucks ready to haul blade sections to tower locations.

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