Beware Of Right-Fighters

Lynell Morgan
Lynell Morgan

Every relationship has its highs and lows.  I don’t just mean couples. Relationships include EVERYTHING where its two or more people “working” together.
Nationally, everyone is talking about their relationship with Pope Francis right now — in case you didn’t know, you don’t have to be Catholic to have a relationship with the Pope. You may think, “a pope is stupid, why does he matter?” There’s your relationship with him!  Regardless, he’s an interesting man and an interesting head of the Roman Catholic Church. Pundits are analyzing what he is saying and what he is not saying, each putting their own spin on what it all means. I laugh at what is suppose to be the reporters of the news turning into the makers of news.
I, as a Catholic, was asked a month or so ago about some of his stances on social issues. His religious training is as a Jesuit priest. While I don’t like generalizing, here is a very basic breakdown of the Jesuit order’s main philosophies: missionary works, human rights, social justice and higher education.
Couple that with the fact that Pope Francis is from South America, Argentina, where many Jesuits have become immersed in liberation theology (an interpretation of faith based from the experience of the poor) which is very common in Third World countries and some of his sound bites shouldn’t surprise anyone. Where he is from and his doctrine as a Jesuit has formed his opinions. As they say “haters gonna hate” so certain people aren’t going to like Pope Francis not matter what he says or does. ‘Nuff said there.
I find it so interesting that, after several months now of campaigning for the next presidential election, the political outsiders are still leading in the polls. A few Republican hopefuls have dropped out. One Democrat possibly will be jumping in. In my humble opinion, there are still too many Republicans and not enough Democrats to choose from. The swing right now on the pendulum is pointed at “throw the bums out”. If you know me, you know I do not like politicians. My earliest memory of a president is LBJ talking about Vietnam on our black and white console television — the same television I watched the moon landing on. I’ve lived through Kennedy (I was 2 when he was assassinated), Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bush, Clinton, Bush, Obama. While there have been “highs” in those years, I would have to say the “lows” have been more memorable. In my mid-fifties now, my opinion is they say what needs to be said to get elected and then do what they need to do to benefit themselves and their pockets. Am I for a political outsider?  Maaayybbeeeee????  The only reason I’m not jumping up and down shouting “yes” is that I have never been a single-issue voter and voting for that reason alone isn’t good enough. I vote for the whole package.  I’m not a Trump fan. I didn’t like him in the 80s, 90s, 2000s and still don’t so I can’t foresee any possible way he could get my vote.  On the Democratic side, no one jumps out at me yet. At least not for positive reasons. The good news is we all have plenty of time to hear more bashing and have more skeletons in the closet come out before it’s voting time. The tough part is sifting through what really matters and what is just mud-slinging.
If you’re wondering at the heading on this column, here’s what it means.  A right-fighter is a person who has to be right no matter what.  They are DRIVEN by the need to be right. They will go down in flames and take whoever/whatever with them, just as long as they get in the last word – insisting they are right. I first heard this years ago on Dr. Phil and started to pay more attention to people I interact with. Boy, was he right on this one!
What does this have to do with Pope Francis, the presidential election and you?
Right-fighters will never be content with their lives. They will find a negative in everybody, everything and let everyone else know about it, often. They’ll hold on to a perceived slight until the day they die so, just find a polite way to minimize your contact with them. Want to create some peace and order in your life? If you’re wrong, say you’re wrong and move on. Don’t do and/or say it again. Everyone needs to stop with the excuses, the blaming, the backstabbing. Be accountable. Expect your religious leaders/politicians/friends/family to be accountable. Trust me, it would make life much better for everyone involved.