BCHC Clinics Implement New EMR System

In July 2008 Boone County Health Center introduced new technology to our patients and staff revolutionizing how our clinics operate in order to more effectively, consistently and safely coordinate patient care. This system, known as electronic medical records (EMR), has enabled our medical providers to quickly and reliably access your medical information.
Now, due to changes within the healthcare software industry, the BCHC clinics in Albion, Elgin, Fullerton, Newman Grove and Spalding are required to replace their current electronic medical records system by December 31.
Due to the time it takes to transition to a new clinical EMR more patient/provider time will be allotted therefor less patients will be scheduled. The change will be begin on September 17 and should be smoothed out by late October.
These changes will support clinic compliance with the American Reinvestment & Recovery Act of 2009. The purpose of the Act is to deliver safe and evidence-based medicine to the American people.