Bargain Box Recipient Of Elgin Review Good Neighbor Award

elgin-good-neighbor-bargain-box-elgin-reviewThe Elgin Review has selected as recipient of the 2016 Good Neighbor Award not an individual, but a business whose generosity has been felt far and wide since opening its doors.
The Elgin Bargain Box opened its doors back in 2014. Since then, the non-profit business has been a strong supporter of organizations doing good for the area, for individuals seeking higher education to make a positive impact. And what an impact! Consider the following:
• Donations made to fire departments, EMT equipment, library, community center, the Homestead, schools, several medical benefits, US92 Christmas wishes, scholarships as well as to local churches for special needs
• More than 70 boxes of clothing, medical equipment and shoes donated to the Orphan Grain Train (OGT).
OGT is a Christian volunteer network that ships donated food, clothing, medical and other items to people in 64 countries including the U.S.
• Other excess clothing not suitable for OGT (stained, torn, etc.), is donated to the Salvation Army which is then shipped to a plant that makes insulation
• Old t-shirts are made into pre-folded diapers and shipped to an orphanage in Tanzania, Africa.
As they are proud to say, rarely do they fill their dumpster as they find a place to go with many of the items.
Then there’s the shopping. The store, which features clean, reusable items at remarkably low prices, provides an outlet for items to be sold at very reasonable prices. It provides a place for people to donate items they no longer want or need.
Co-founder Linda Kerkman described the store in these words just a few months ago. “It really is OURS, all of ours, store. Without any one part none of it works. And we all gain the satisfaction of giving and receiving,” she said. “By the inspiration of God it was started and so it will continue until He decides otherwise. So maybe it isn’t our store but HIS.”
Founded by Linda Kerkman, Carol Eischeid and Phyllis Camp, the business has become a destination for not just people in and around Elgin, but for people from northeast Nebraska. It’s a place where people can go to volunteer time. Indeed, one’s person’s discards have become another’s treasure.
“Here at the newspaper office, seldom does a week go by that we don’t receive a phone call from someone wondering about the location of the store, or questioning if the store will be open when they come through town. That’s the way it is when a store gains a positive reputation in the area, serving a need,” said Publisher Dennis Morgan.
“We’re happy to recognize the many good things being done by the Bargain Box. They truly are a “good neighbor” who enhances not just our community but others as well.