Attendees Find ‘Wild Game Feed’ Very Tasty

If tastebuds could talk, what would they say after Monday night? What could they say? Two words come to mind — ‘Simply Fantastic.’
The 10th annual Wild Game Feed was held at Boomerangs. Beginning at 7 p.m. and continuing through most of the night, attendees were overwhelmed with the wide array of fine foods brought in to sample and/or feast upon.
People started arriving shortly after 6 p.m. to stake out a table. There were many familiar faces and some which hadn’t been seen in quite some time. At one table sat Millie Mundorf who’s been gone for quite some time. Decked out in shamrocks and other items befitting the occasion, nearly everyone who walked by exchanged greetings with her.
It was a festive occasion and there was much revelry, but the star attraction was the food. Among the many delicacies served up on this night were pheasant, rocky mountain oysters, wild turkey & dressing, venison roast, goose & pork wieners with Bavarian kraut, corned beef & cabbage, antelope chili, gator tail piquant on jasmine rice, smoked salmon and Alaskan salmon chowder.
Among the many donating or preparing food were Dianne Salber, Rita Ring, Bud & Bethany Miller, Noreen Peters, Donna Mackel, Rita Wagner, LeAnn Eggers, Jennifer Henn, Ralph & Deb Pelster, Janet Koinzan, Jessie Reestman, Bill & Rick Fangman, Gene Heithoff, Jerry Mundorf, Barb Henery, Ron Schrad, John Mlnarik, Wes & Tracy Prater, Tammy Henn, Phil Kluthe, Sharon Wilkinson, Dennis Suhr, Lynell Morgan and Ryan Reestman. The event is organized every year by Phil Kluthe and Jerry Mundorf with ample assistance from Jessie Reestman, owner of Boomerangs.