Assessor Removes Name From Ballot

Just months away from possibly being elected as Antelope County Assessor, Gene Schaaf will no longer be on the ballot in November.

Schaaf issued a statement Tuesday morning stating his intentions to seek to become county assessor in Holt County.

“Due to the retiring of the Holt County Assessor, I have taken my name off the general election ballot in Antelope County and have petitioned my name to be placed on the Holt County general election ballot for the office of assessor for 2010,” he said. “I will remain the Antelope County Assessor until December 31, 2010. It was an extremely difficult decision as it has been an honor and educational growing experience for me to be the assessor in Antelope County. If the present staff is allowed to remain intact the same professional service can be expected from the Antelope County Assessor’s office.”

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