Antelope County Supervisors Okay New Voting Districts

new-ant-co-commissioner-districtsAt last Tuesday’s regular Antelope County Supervisors meeting, the board approved the newly-drawn voting/commissioner districts.

At last November’s election, voters in Antelope County approved switching to a commissioner form of government from its current township form.

The five district were redistricted by Antelope County Attorney Joe Abler, Antelope County Treasurer Sandy Knapp and Antelope County Clerk Lisa Payne.  With the stipulation that each district be divided into as equal as possible in population (Antelope Co. pop. 6685), these are the five districts created:

District 1 (pop. 1312): Comprised of the townships of Verdigris, Royal, Eden, Bazile, Crawford, Willow, Elm and Burnett.  District 1 will be served by Jerry Schwager.

District 2 (pop. 1314): Comprised of the townships of Sherman, Garfield, Frenchtown and Clearwater. District 2 will be served by Merlin Bolling.

District 3 (pop. 1329): Comprised of the townships of Ellsworth, Blaine, the east 2/3’s of Custer and the north 1/2 of Neligh. District 3 will be served by Eddie Schindler.

District 4 (pop. 1396): Comprised of the townships of Oakdale and the southern 1/2 of Neligh. District 4 will be served by Charlie Henery.

District 5 (pop. 1335): Comprised of the townships of Stanton, Lincoln, Ord, Elgin, Logan, Cedar and Grant. District 5 will be served by LeRoy Kerkman.