Antelope County Schedules Hearing For “Livestock Friendly” Designation

A public hearing has been scheduled for January where the Antelope County Board of Supervisors will accept testimony on whether or not to pursue a “Livestock Friendly” designation for the county. The Nebraska Livestock Friendly County (LFC) program is a voluntary program that recognizes counties that actively support the livestock industry.
Created in 2003 by the Nebraska Legislature, the LFC program is designed to recognize counties in the state that support the expansion of the livestock industry.  In 2014, livestock receipts in the state comprised over half of the $24 billion of Nebraska’s total on-farm receipts.  The LFC designation gives counties an extra promotional tool to encourage expansion of current livestock operations and attract new businesses that spur local economies.
The hearing will be held at the courthouse in Neligh and be held on Jan. 5.