Antelope County Planning Commission Recommends Conditional Use Permit For Prairie Breeze II Wind Farm

After hours of discussion which spanned over two meetings, the Antelope County Planning Commission came to a decision regarding a proposed new wind farm.
On a five-to-one vote, the commission recommended to the Antelope County Board of Supervisors that they approve a conditional use permit (CUP) for development of Prairie Breeze II wind farm to be built east of Elgin. The lone dissenting vote was cast by Phyllis Perdew. Voting in support of the recommendation were board members Dan Zwingman, Greg Wortman, Mark Smith, Ronald Rice and Matt Klabenes. Absent from the meeting, held in the basement of the Antelope County Courthouse, were Bob Krutz, Dave Miller and Kurt Rakow.
As part of the recommendation, the commission stipulated any Prairie Breeze II wind turbine must be setback a minimum of 2,000 feet from a non-participating home/landowner and 1,500 feet from a participating home/landowner unless the owner signs a waiver with Invenergy, the owner of the wind farm. As part of the permit, no setback can be less than 1,000 feet from a dwelling.
Action by the county supervisors on the CUP could take place in October at one of their two regular meetings.
More on this story in next week’s issue of The Elgin Review.