Antelope County Now “Livestock Friendly”

Following a public hearing from one week ago, the Antelope County Board of Supervisors Tuesday approved designating the county as “livestock friendly.”
The supervisors voted six to zero (supervisor Merlin Bolling was absent) to approve the designation as part of an effort to join more than 30 counties across the state actively participating in the Nebraska Livestock Friendly County program.
At last week’s hearing, testimony in support of the designation came from landowners near Orchard, Clearwater and Neligh as well as Elgin. However, not everyone in the county supported the designation.
Supervisors appeared ready last week to approve the designation until County Attorney Joe Abler indicated someone would be required to create and submit reports to the Nebraska Department of Agriculture.
By joining the other counties participating in the program, Antelope County will receive materials and assistance with promotion of the county in future programs.