Antelope County Fair in full swing!

All ages enjoying the Antelope County Fair. Be sure to attend!

The fairgrounds are buzzing with activity, especially around the livestock.  Here are just a few photos of Elgin kids busing doing “the fair thing”.

Clean up the final step
Darby Carstens and Gemma Miller of Elgin complete their calf-cleaning process by cleaning out the brush and spraying down the work area. Elgin Review
Grooming is so important
A buzz here, a buzz there. Lets get rid of that nasty ear hair. Nicki Beckman is busy making her pigs pretty. Elgin Review
An egg-citing day at the fair
The Selting kids get some advice from the “chicken judge”. From the looks on their faces, it may have been slightly fowl. Elgin Review
Follow the leader.....
The Zwingman and Drueke kids leave the barn with their calves. Mom Kim Zwingman is making sure everything is under control. Elgin Review