Annual Notification on Asbestos – ESU #8

Elgin Public School
Elgin St. Boniface Elementary
Elgin Pope John High School
Federal regulations require all schools to inventory asbestos containing materials and develop management plans to identify and control asbestos containing materials in their building.
The presence of asbestos in a building does not mean that the health of building occupants is necessarily endangered. As long as asbestos containing material remains in good condition and is not disturbed, exposure is unlikely.
The plan is available for review in the school administrative office during normal business hours.
At least once each six months periodic surveillance is being conducted on all asbestos containing material and suspect material assumed to contain asbestos.
A reinspection is being conducted every three years in all schools that have asbestos containing material.
From time to time opertions & maintenance activities may be conducted to maintain all material in good condition. For more information please contact; Robert Krepel Jr., ESU #8, Box 89, Neligh, NE  68756. Phone: (402) 887-5041.
Publish: October 3, 2012