AMH Announces ‘YourCareCommunity’

“We are excited to announce that ‘YourCareCommunity’ is now available at Antelope Memorial Hospital,” said Joyce Cameron, Director of Health Information Management.
“YourCareCommunity is a secure online tool that offers our patients easy and convenient 24-hour access to their electronic health information from Antelope Memorial Hospital.”
The patient has the option to add the names of family members or caregivers who may also access his/her health records. In addition, the message page allows the patient to send and receive private messages from the participating health care providers.
Multiple sources of information from Antelope Memorial Hospital are accessible from YourCareCommunity — including test results, prescribed medications, vital signs, diagnoses, discharge instructions and more. As a patient, you may have access to these reports before your provider has had an opportunity to visit with you and implement an appropriate plan of care, added Cameron. AMH providers encourage patients to contact them with any concerns or questions. This will allow the provider to work together with his/her patient in managing the patient’s healthcare.
To begin utilizing YourCareCommunity, patients may contact the AMH Health Information Management (HIM) Department (402.887.6214) or have a registration clerk enroll them at their next visit. Each patient will then receive an e-mail allowing him/her to log-in and access his/her information on the website.
“YourCareCommunity allows us to provide better care for our patients,” said Cameron. “Patients or their designated family members/caregivers may electronically access the patient’s medical records at any time of day or night. It also offers a way for our patients to communicate by e-mail with participating health care providers.”
For more information or to register for YourCareCommunity, call Antelope Memorial Hospital at 402.887.6214.