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Simon August Borer

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David and Lindy Borer of Elgin welcomed a son, Simon August, on March 6, 2013. Simon weighed seven pounds, four ounces, 20 inches long and joins brother Linus, 8, and sisters Eliza, 6, and Amelia, 3.
Grandparents are Larry and Julie Borer of Elgin and Dave and Dee Hart of Doniphan, NE.
Great grandparents are Norma Hart of Hastings, NE and Shirley Bjorkman of Aurora, NE.

Cole Schmitt

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Brad and Ashley Schmitt of Omaha are the proud parents a a son, Cole Daniel Schmitt.
He was born February 24, 2013 at 11:42 p.m. He weighed seven pounds, five ounces at birth and was 20 inches long.
Grandparents are Mark and Ellen Schmitt of Elgin, and Kris & the late Dan Loberg of Carroll, NE.
Great grandparents are Dan and Raedean Henn of Elgin and Marilyn Anderson of Wayne, NE.

Notice of Public Hearing — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Notice is hereby given that the Antelope County Board of Supervisors will hold two public hearings on April 2,2013 at 10:00 am to review Conditional Use Permits. The first hearing is to review a conditional use permit submitted by Greg Todd for the construction of a confined cattle use located in the SE corner SW ¼ of 35-28-6 of Antelope County. The second hearing is to review a conditional use permit submitted by PST for the pumping of effluent through center pivot on NE ¼ 19-26-6 of Antelope County. The conditional use permits may be examined in the office of the Antelope County Clerk or the Zoning Office during normal business hours at any time prior to the public hearings. All interested parties may offer oral comments at the public hearings and/or may file written comments with the Antelope County Board of Supervisors provided such written comments are received by the Board prior to close of business, Friday, March 29, 2013. Written comments may be mailed to Antelope County Board of Supervisors, POB 26, Neligh NE 68756.
Publish: March 20, 2013

Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Neligh, Nebraska
March 12, 2013
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Brandt, Kerkman, Baker, Henery and Schwager.  Williby appeared later.  Bolling absent.
Approved the Bargain Buyway promotional fund request.
Reviewed the clerk of the district court, county sheriff, miscellaneous fee and the treasurers fund balance reports for February.
Adopted the resolution supporting the coalition of counties seeking County, State and Federal funding sources to limit stream channel erosion and degradation.
Discussed the Tilden North Bridge billing from the State of Nebraska.
Rejected all bids from Midwest Service and Sales that state the bids are only good for 30 days from bid opening.
Discussed the old courthouse masonry repairs.
Purchased a 2005 Ford, F350 pickup for the sign department.
We, the Committee on Claims, report that we have examined and approved for payment the following claims:
GENERAL FUND: Joseph Abler, ex, 60.00; AMH Family Practice, ex, 50.00; Antelope Co Court, ex, 257.00; Clerk of the District Court, ex, 172.00; Antelope Co Sheriff, ex, 322.50; Antelope Memorial Hospital, ex, 1158.00; Appeara, ex, 75.46; AS Central Finance, ex, 448.00; Larry Baker, mlg, 236.74; Berggren Architects, ex, 234.03; Merlin Bolling, mlg, 245.08; Bomgaars, ex, 44.65; Eleanor Brady, ps, 25.00; Harlan Brandt, mlg, 223.40; Braun Pest Control, ex, 25.00; Dean Brown, ps, 25.00; Carhart Lumber, ex, 52.96; Carney Law, ex, 3133.33; Char Carpenter, mlg, 188.71; Casey’s, ex, 390.87; Elgin City, ex, 250.00; Neligh City, ut, 3759.35; Clearwater Record, ex, 308.08; Cornhusker State Ind, ex, 78.00; Cubby’s, ex, 567.76; Dean’s Market, ex, 303.24; Digital, Ally, ex, 863.21; Dollar General, ex, 83.55; Eakes Office Products, ex, 48.50; Elgin One Stop, ex, 640.83; Elgin Review, ex, 306.86; Elite Office Products, ex, 47.03; Frontier Communications, ut, 2034.59; Anita Hall, mlg, 129.95; Lyle Hart, ex, 200.00; Charles Henery, mlg, 115.82; Hilltop Drug, ex, 88.32; Holiday Inn, ex, 331.80; Nadene Hughes, ps, 14.00; Hunt Ins Group, ex, 2982.00; Jonny Dodge, ex, 37.45; Frank Kamphaus, ps, 16.00; LeRoy Kerkman, mlg, 174.02; Bob Krutz, mlg, 31.64; Jeff Doerr, ex, 1871.48; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 531.92; Lynn Peavey, ex, 95.50; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 2578.12; Gerald Maple, ps, 20.00; Maximus, ex, 2537.50; Microfilm Imaging, ex, 87.00; David Miller, mlg, 22.60; MIPS, ex, 520.75; Morrow, Davies & Toelle, ex, 10,350.00; Jessica Mozak, ex, 100.00; NE Health & Human Service, ex, 399.00; Nebraska Lablinc, ex, 160.00; Neligh News, ex, 436.63; Netcom, ex, 384.00; NE Medical Imaging, ex, 189.00; NE Nebr Assn County Officials, ex, 220.00; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 540.00; OK Tire, ex, 247.48; Orchard News, ex, 260.79; Orval’s Auto, ex, 55.05; Pathology Medical, ex, 2636.76; Donna Payne, ps, 25.00; Phyllis Perdew, mlg, 11.30; Pitney Bowes, ex, 5000.00; Quill Corp, ex, 185.50; R’s Carryouts, ex, 148.18; Kurt Rakow, mlg, 16.95; Schroeder Land Surveying, ex, 2500.00; Jerald Schwager, mlg, 185.89; Nebr Secretary of State, ex, 50.00; Shell Fleet, ex, 1349.15; Sheriff, petty cash, 117.50; Caroline Siems, ps, 25.00; Source Gas, ut, 846.46; Dewey Teel, ex, 50.00; The Station, ex, 568.92; Thriftway Market, ex, 573.87; UNL IS Communications, ex, 12.95; US Cellular, ut, 152.83; Clearwater Village, ut, 250.00; Visa, ex, 427.89; Walt’s Computer, ex, 96.25; Wanek Drug, ex, 79.76; Rod Wilke, mlg, 49.72; Neil Williby, mlg, 209.05; Greg Wortman, mlg, 33.90; Zee Medical, ex, 33.15; 319 Graphic’s & T’s, ex, 25.00
ROAD & BRIDGE: (Brunswick Area) Beaver Bearing Co, ex, 475.75; Bomgaars, ex, 263.78; Frontier Communications, ut, 69.32; Green Line Equip, ex, 118.20; Key Sanitation, ut, 18.00; Kumm Gas, ex, 1637.29; Largen Mfg, ex, 50.00; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 88.80; North Central Public Power, ut, 187.82; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 525.50; Quality Iron & Metal, ex, 19.60; Brunswick Village, ut, 37.50 (Orchard Area) Bomgaars, ex, 42.65; Frontier Communications, ut, 64.49; Green Line Equip, ex, 53.90; Lazy T Tire, ex, 430.05; North Central Public Power, ut, 152.72; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 187.00; R’s Carryouts, ex, 544.73; Source Gas, ut, 846.46;   T, J Corner Hardware, ex, 12.36; Orchard Village, ut, 30.50  (Clearwater Area) Bomgaars, ex,  299.24; Carhart Lumber, ex, 42.98; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 238.41; Island Supply Welding, ex, 297.88; Jonny Dodge, ex, 56.10; K&S Door, ex, 82.75; Kayton Intl, ex, 39.44; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 15.00; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 167.44; Neligh Auto & Machine, ex, 5.99; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 145.00; NE Nebr Telephone, ut, 47.51; Murphy Tractor Powerplan, ex, 182.50; Shell Fleet, ex, 285.32; Source Gas, ut, 218.09; Clearwater Village, ut, 52.50 (Neligh Area) Advanced Energy Fuels, ex, 2447.21; Bomgaars, ex, 175.02; Cubby’s, ex, 482.09; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 133.73; Frontier Communications, ut, 58.45; Neligh Auto & Machine, ex, 21.00; Nebraska Machinery, ex, 1026.31; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 141.00  (Tilden Area) Black Hills Energy, ut, 93.94; Bomgaars, ex, 7.46; Carhart Lumber, ex, 35.73; Tilden City, ut, 74.35; Constellation Energy, ut, 263.03; Darren’s Service, ex, 84.70; Frontier Communications, ut, 57.18; K&S Door, ex, 79.25; Mr S’s, ex, 139.07; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 158.00; OK Auto, ex, 17.70; Neligh Auto & Machine, ex, 10.99; Quality Iron & Metal, ex, 27.00
(Oakdale Area) Advance Energy Fuels, ex, 1671.63; Bomgaars, ex, 16.64; Great Plains Communications, ut, 71.79; Green Line Equip, ex, 218.95; Jonny Dodge, ex, 7.50; Matteo Sand & Gravel, ex,  2752.36; Mr S’s, ex, 406.37; Nebr Public Power, ut, 310.99; Nebraska Machinery, ex, 497.04; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 159.50; Rutjens Construction, ex, 2120.00; Oakdale Village, ut, 12.75 (Elgin Area) Central Valley Ag, ex, 248.24; James Cornett, ex, 280.00; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 81.43; Great Plains Communictions, ut, 49.24; Island Supply Welding, ex, 31.59; Nebraska Machinery, ex, 133.53; NE Nebr Fire Extinguisher, ex, 101.00; OK Auto, ex, 11.45; Sapp Bros, ex, 2285.49; Source Gas, ut, 211.53 (At Large) Advanced Energy Fuels, ex, 747.60; Appeara, ex, 77.53; ATCO Intl, ex, 138.75; Bomgaars, ex, 75.20; Bygland Dirt, ex, 1685.60; Cornhusker International Truck, ex, 2370.95; Cubby’s, ex, 318.35; Fastenal, ex, 142.04; Green Line Equip, ex, 1617.84; John Hruby, ex, 2450.00; Island Supply Welding, ex, 542.46; JEO Consulting, ex, 13,615.75; Jonny Dodge, ex, 3986.27; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 266.88; Kayton Inl, ex, 487.72; Kumm Gas, ex, 236.25; Largen Mfg, ex, 1125.00; Mr S’s, ex, 642.10; Nebr Safety Center, ex, 2380.00; Neligh Auto & Machinery, ex, 2.70; Newman Traffic Signs, ex, 1385.00; OK Tire, ex, 29.00; Quality Iron & Metal, ex, 412.23; Rich, N, Stitch, ex, 73.69; Roy Rodgers, ex, 57.50; Shell Fleet, ex, 152.17; Source Gas, ut, 339.96; Switzer Welding, ex, 68.00; Tinsley Grain, ex, 1302.86; Norfolk Auto Center, ex, 11,992.00
VISITORS PROMOTIONAL FUND: Bargain Buyway, ex, 300.00
REAPPRAISAL FUND: Dollar General, ex, 6.00; Heather McWhorter, mlg, 37.65; Nebr Dept of Revenue, ex, 545.00
FEDERAL GRANT FUND: Digital, Ally, ex, 3531.79
INHERITANCE FUND: Butch’s Body, ex, 122.75; Dept of Correctional Services, ex, 1196.44; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 750.00; Sanne Repair, ex, 250.00
BUILDING FUND: Merit Mechanical, ex, 1707.00; David Schmitt, ex, 1382.70; Trease Appliance, ex, 70.75
WEED CONTROL FUND: Nebr Weed Control, ex, 120.00; Neligh City, ut, 76.96; Cubby’s, ex, 56.46; Frontier Communication, ut, 111.92; Robert Hofacker, mlg, 190.13; Edward Jensen, mlg, 7.22; Madison Co Weed, ex, 2464.80; Bruce Ofe, ex, 38.38; Ramada Inn, ex, 372.00; Source Gas, ut, 152.07; William Van Brocklin, mlg, 219.97; Verizon Wireless, ut, 54.08; David Willats, mlg, 33.30
GENERAL FUND PAYROLL, Total Wages, 60,293.82; WH, 6236.21; SS, 12,054.66; ST, 2402.44; Ameritas, ret, 9309.17; Ameritas, ins, 442.60; AFLAC, ins, 93.30; BC/BS, ins, 45,243.74; Garnishment, 50.00; Colonial, ins, 90.92; 1st Concord Benefits, ins, 300.00; Madison National, ins, 151.00; Mid, American Benefit, ins, 247.50; Washington National, ins, 574.70;
ROAD & BRIDGE PAYROLL: Total Wages, 37,314.29; WH3377.43; SS, 7465.70; ST, 1152.78; Ameritas, ret, 5602.54; Ameritas, ins, 233.20; AFLAC, ins, 33.85; BL/BC, ins, 25,513.74; Colonial, ins, 64.80; Garnishment, 949.59; Madison National, ins, 90.91; Mid, American Benefit, ins, 142.50; Washington, ins, 24.90
WEED CONTROL PAYROLL: Total Wages, 2589.91; WH, 237.81; SS, 508.88; ST, 88.00; Ameritas, ret, 389.61; Ameritas, ins, 25.92; AFLAC, ins, 65.65; BC/BS, ins, 1307.66; Madison National, ins, 3.20; Mid, American Benefits, ins, 7.50; Washington National, ins, 20.10
Approved the conditional use permit application submitted by Ron Beckman for the construction of a storage facility.
Heard an update from Keystone XL Pipeline representatives.
Approved the permit submitted by NE Nebraska Telephone Company for fiber optic upgrades in the Clearwater area.
Heard from Nebraska Public Power District representatives regarding the Hoskins to Neligh 345 kV Project.
Reviewed correspondence.
Held a conference call with the County Highway Superintendent regarding the Old Mill Bridge.
Meeting adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Antelope County Clerk
Publish: March 20, 2013

Saturday’s Easter Egg Hunt Moved Indoors

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Due to expected cold weather, the site of the Easter Egg Hunt here in Elgin has been changed.
The event will be held Saturday, March 23 in the basement of the Steel Steed Steakhouse & Saloon. Sign-in starts at 10:30 a.m.
All participants must sign-in to participate in the hunt. Sponsored by the Elgin Community Club, the hunt will begin at 11 a.m.

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