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Exhaling — Appreciation for all Those Little Things

February 25, 2011 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

By Lori Krause


It’s amazing how a few days of spring-like weather can lift the spirits and make me forgetful of the cold dreary days that came before. And the wonderful aroma of freshly laundered bedding, hung on an outside line to dry on one of those days, was better than any perfume. It’s right up there with the scent of cinnamon rolls baking in the oven. Life is kinda like that. When surrounded with good things, bad things are forgotten, or at least pushed way back in the memory compartment, and it reminds me to appreciate all the little things.

Valentine’s Day is a day like that at our house, and is never forgotten. When our kids were young, we gave them Valentines until they had sweethearts of their own. It was the same way with our grandkids when they were little.

Those had to include candy of some sort. Homemade Valentines that had a candy bar attached – like “I’d fly to “Mars” if you would be mine.”

I think the drug store downtown stocks extra novelties just for husband to browse through. He ends up buying something he thinks is so very cute, and convinces me he just couldn’t resist buying it for me - while he plays with it. This year there’s the Snoopy puppy that spreads his front paws for a hug while he gives a big “mmmmm Smack!” But I think this is better than the “Wild Thing” ape of a couple years ago.

For Easter last year he bought a basket full of baby chicks that sang, “We’ve Got the Tweets.” After every one of our family members had pushed the button at least a couple times to make them sing, we were all rolling our eyes, and I had to hide it. And groan - I’m sure the batteries are still good for another go around this year. I think he must have been deprived of toys as a kid. (Weren’t we all of this age)

But other than toys for Valentine’s Day, there have been flowers too. When he was still working as a rural mail carrier, and I was working at school, my favorite saying from him on one of those cards read: “From Your First Class Male-Man.” Yes, he’s rather clever with words and they probably make up for any wrongdoing he may have done in his entire life! He knows no one can stay miffed at a guy while laughing, and appreciating the humor.

. Hope our paper-person appreciated us, with the help of a neighbor, diligently chipping away and getting rid of most of the ice from around our mailbox.

At least now the paper is in the box, and not soaking wet on the driveway, and I appreciate that.

By the time this column is published, winter will probably be back in full swing.

I just hope the memory of these wonderfully warm, ice melting, Valentine days stay with me until spring actually makes its appearance. I know I would appreciate that a lot!

West Holt Ends Wolfpack Girls Basketball Season

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BATTLE CREEK — Missed opportunities in the third quarter cost the Elgin Public-Pope John Wolfpack girls in the opening round of the C2-9 Sub-District Basketball Tournament.

Playing Tuesday night at Battle Creek High School, the Wolfpack fell behind in the third quarter and lost 55 to 47 to Atkinson West Holt.

Leading 27 to 24 to start the second half, the Wolfpack couldn’t contain West Holt’s inside game as they opened the second half with a 10 to two run to take a 34 to 29 lead. The Wolfpack’s only points during the run came on a field goal by Jessica Heithoff at the 6:53 mark.

The Wolfpack had several opportunities in the next minute to close the margin but they missed five of six free throws.

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Anderson, Hemenway Win Wrestling Medals at State

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OMAHA — It was a game of numbers last week for the Wolfpack wrestling team.

Five wrestlers competed at the NSAA State Wrestling Tournament over a three-day period. Two wrestlers came home with medals from the tournament which featured the best wrestlers from across the state.

“We had a good tournament,” Coach Doug Jones said. “The kids wrestled tough. They should be very proud of what they accomplished this season.”

On Saturday afternoon, senior Nathan Anderson, who had previously said his biggest high school moment was competing at the state wrestling tournament one year ago, completed his season by wrestling in the Class D 135-pound finals. Anderson and his opponent were tied at 2-all in the first period, then Palmer’s Dillon Glause pulled ahead and went on to win the match 8 to 2. Anderson wrapped up his career by winning a silver medal, his best performance ever at the state meet.

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Wild Game Feed Date Announced

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The seventh annual “Wild (and Tame) Game Feed” will be held on ‘Fat Tuesday, March 8.

A variety of wild game will be served along with some regular meats, salads, rolls and potatoes. Last year some of the meats served were deer, elk, buffalo, wild and tame turkey, beef, pheasant, duck, wild and tame chicken, fish, quail and shrimp.

If you can bring a wild game dish, a salad, rolls or casserole, please call Jerry Mundorf (402) 843-8090 or Phil Kluthe (402) 843-5538 so that it can be listed on the menu sheet. Mundorf said it is desirable if you can prepare your own dish. If you are unable or unwilling, Kluthe or Mundorf may be able to cook it along with their own dishes.

Lunch will be served at 7 p.m.

There is no charge and everyone is welcome and it is not necessary to bring a dish to enjoy the food and fun.

Date Nears for ‘Cooking School’

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Organizers of last year’s “cooking school” in Elgin have announced plans to hold another demos night.  The demos will be held on Monday, March 7 beginning at 6:30 p.m. at the Elgin Knights of Columbus Hall.

As in last year’s event, the evening will feature a salad bar meal, followed by the demonstrations on various items such as making lump-free gravies and grinding grains for baking. Most of this year’s demonstrations will held at individual stations, allowing for better interaction between the demonstrators and the audience.  Also, the KC Hall now features a top-of-the-line audio system which will be utilized. A complete listing of the different items to be featured will be announced in the next several weeks.

Tickets are available for purchase at Dean’s Market in Elgin, The Elgin Review, from Julie Borer (843-5528) and Janice Esau (843-5442).

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