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John Michael Montgomery to Headline Antelope County Fair

December 2, 2009 by lmorgan · Comments Off 

ans of country music won’t have to travel far from home to hear one of the best.

John Michael Montgomery has been signed by the Antelope County Fair Board to perform at the 2010 County Fair in Neligh.

The show will be Friday night, Aug. 6, at Riverside Park in front of the grandstand under the stars. Montgomery will take the stage at 8 p.m. As of press time, no opening act had been signed. Tickets will go on sale at a later date.

According to information collected from his personal website, Montgomery has turned an uncanny ability to relate to fans into one of country music’s most storied careers. Behind the string of hit records, the roomful of awards and the critical and fan accolades that have defined his phenomenal success lies a connection that goes beyond his undeniable talent and his proven knack for picking hits. 

Since the days when “Life’s A Dance” turned him from an unknown artist into a national star, John Michael’s rich baritone has carried that most important of assets–believability. Few artists in any genre sing with more heart than this handsome Kentucky-born artist. 

It is readily apparent in love songs that have helped set the standard for a generation. Songs like “I Swear,” “I Love the Way You Love Me” and “I Can Love You Like That” still resonate across the landscape.

Elgin City Council to Meet Monday Night

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The future of the Grothe Grain building will be discussed Monday night when the Elgin City Council convenes for its’ December meeting.

Dave and Fran Baum, who were unable to attend the November meeting, are expected to appear at Monday night’s meeting to answer questions regarding the status of the building.

The structure has been a source of concern for the city council for quite some time as they would like to see the property cleaned up.

With that in mind, city officials are hoping to learn what future plans the Baums may have towards improving the appearance of the property.

Two other items are listed on the agenda under ‘old business.’ The first is action on Ordinance #618 dealing with water and sewer rate increases. Tabled at last month’s meeting, the ordinance calls for an increase in the water rate from $16 to $20 per quarter and a hike in the usage fee to $1.50 per 1,000 gallons; increasing the sewer rate from $16 per quarter to $25 per quarter while leaving the usage fee at 75 cents per 1,000 gallons; and raising the garbage fee by $1 per month per household, all due to increased costs.

The other item under old business is Ordinance #619 dealing with the vacating of an alley along Bowen Street.

Much of the remainder of the night will serve as a reorganizational meeting whereby a vote on the president of the council will take place as well as approving a resolution setting appointments and committees.

One item on the agenda which may generate discussion is action on elections at large or by wards to fill the council seats.

The meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall. The meeting is open to the public.

Thanksgiving Bazaar Serves 1,750 Meals

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What began in the early morning hours Thanksgiving Day concluded late that evening as the 85th annual Thanksgiving Bazaar was held at St. Boniface Gymnasium.

Workers started early in the morning frying the sausage which had been made weeks earlier using a recipe that has been handed down through the years.

Parish families began arriving soon after sunrise with homemade pies, or to just lend a hand doing what needed to be done so food could be ready to serve at 11 a.m.

When the first tickets were taken and the line began to move forward, ticket-goers were treated to a fantastic dinner consisting of turkey/dressing, sausage, potatoes/gravy, sauerkraut/ribs, corn, cranberry and jello salads, dinner rolls, homemade pie, coffee and water. As has been the case in past years, the dressing was made from the same recipe used for the first bazaar 85 years ago.

The line was steady throughout the first 2 1/2 hours as tables inside the gymnasium remained full.

Towards the last half-hour of the afternoon session, only then did the line shorten.

After a break from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., the line was again open for lunch.

Church Secretary Michele Reicks said the numbers were very close to one year ago.

“We served 1207 dinners and 93 carry-outs for a total of 1,300 noon meals (Which was 8 more than last year),” she said. “In the evening we served 450 (which was 75 less than last year).”

The total was 1750 meals for the day (67 less than last year).

Just how much food goes into feeding the masses at an event like Elgin’s Thanksgiving Bazaar? Here’s a breakdown of the food served this year:

• 40 Turkeys.

• 17 batches of dressing.

• 1,861 pieces of pie.

• 27 gallons of sauerkraut.

• 12 gallons of Jello salad.

• 15 gallons of cranberries.

• 34 gallons of corn.

• 1,350 Dinner rolls,

• 565 pounds of ring sausage and 65 pounds of patties.

Grand Prize winners for the raffle were Harold & Joyce Anderson of Bellevue. They won the Dell Computer.

The St. Boniface Quilter’s quilt was won by John Harrison of Missouri. 

Voborny 1st, Stoltz 2nd in Football Contest

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In the final regular season Elgin Review Football Contest, two earlier winners battled it out for the top prize.

Previous winners David Voborny and Jack Stoltz each missed just five games to tie for the top spot. In the tiebreaker, each contestant was to guess the amount of total yards combined between Kansas and Missouri. Voborny guessed 679 while Stoltz guessed 598. The actual figure was 1,100 total yards between the two teams. As a result, Voborny wins the first place prize while Stoltz will receive the runner-up prize.

Results of last week’s games were:

South Carolina over Clemson

BYU over Utah

Washington over Washington State

Utah State over Idaho

LSU over Arkansas

East Carolina over Southern Miss

Wake Forest over Duke

Connecticut over Syracuse

Boston College over Maryland

North Carolina State over North Carolina

Georgia over Georgia Tech

SMU over Tulane

Virginia Tech over Virginia

UNLV over San Diego State

Missouri over Kansas

Tennessee over Kentucky

Mississippi State over Mississippi

Stanford over Notre Dame

Oklahoma over Oklahoma State

Florida over Florida State

Football fanatics will have several weeks to prepare for the final Elgin Review Football Contest which will feature the bowl season.

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