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Invitation To Bidders — Antelope County

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Sealed Proposals for the construction of “Oakdale South Box Culvert for Antelope County, Nebraska,” JEO Project No. 121122, will be received by the County Clerk at 501 Main St., Rm. 6, Neligh, NE, until 10:00 AM on the 13th day of October, 2015, and thereafter will be read aloud.
The work consists of the following: removal of the existing bridge and construction of a 2- 10’x6’x 44’ concrete box culvert.
Engineer’s Estimate of Cost $75,000
Proposals will be taken for said construction work listed above by unit prices, as an aggregate bid for the entire project.
All Proposals for said construction work must be made on blanks furnished by the Engineer and must be accompanied by Bid Security of not less than 5% of the amount bid. Bid Security to be made payable to the Treasurer of Antelope County as liquidated damages in case the bid is accepted and the bidder neglects or refuses, to enter into contract and furnish bond in accordance herewith.
Copies of the contract documents are on file with Antelope County for examination by bidders. Complete digital project bidding documents are available at JEO’s website at jeo.com for $20.00. An optional paper set of project documents is available for a non-refundable price of $75.00 per set. Please send your check payable to JEO Consulting Group, Inc. at 803 W Norfolk Avenue, Norfolk, NE 68702. If you have any questions, contact us at 402.371.6416. In order to bid the project, the contract documents must be issued directly by JEO Consulting Group, Inc. or QuestCDN to the bidder.
The Owner, reserves the right to waive informalities and irregularities and to make awards on bids which furnish the materials and construction that will, in their opinion serve the best interests of the Owner, and also reserves the right to reject any and/or all bids.
ATTEST: Lisa Payne
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: September 23, 30 and October 7, 2015

Notice of Public Hearing — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Notice is hereby given that the Antelope County Board of Supervisors will hold a public hearing on October 6, 2015 beginning at 9:30 am to review possible changes to the Antelope County Wind Tower Regulations. An agenda, which is kept continually current, is available at the Clerks Office for public inspection.
The proposed changes may be examined in the office of the Antelope County Clerk or the Zoning Office during normal business hours at any time prior to the public hearing. All interested parties may offer oral comments at the public hearing and/or may file written comments with the Antelope County Board of Supervisors provided such written comments are received by the Supervisors prior to close of business Friday, October 2, 2015. Written comments may be mailed to Antelope County Board of Supervisors, POB 26, 501 M Street, Rm. 8, Neligh NE 68756.
PUBLISH: September 23, 2015

Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Neligh, Nebraska
September 8, 2015
Chairman opened meeting. Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s Office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Bolling, Schindler, Williby, Kerkman, Koinzan, Henery and Schwager.
Reviewed correspondence.
The following claims were reviewed, and approved to pay.
General: Advanced Correct Healthcare, ex, 15.96; Antelope Co Court, ex, 307.25; Antelope Co District Court, ex, 105.00; Antelope Co Sheriff, ex, 231.66; Appeara, ex, 81.60; AS Central Finance, ex, 134.60; William Bailey, ex, 40.25; Bear Graphics, ex, 214.97; Megan Beckman, ex, 167.15; Merlin Bolling, mlg 88.55; Bomgaars, ex, 151.27; Eleanor Brady, ps, 25.00; Dean Brown, ps, 25.00; Brunswick Library, ex, 2,550.00; Carney Law, ex, 3,217.66; Charlayne Carpenter, mlg 141.45; Casey’s, ex, 308.36; Cash-Wa Dist, ex, 423.14; Elgin City, ex, 250.00; Neligh City, ut, 7,748.32; Clearwater Library, ex, 2,462.50; Cornhusker State Ind, ex, 44.00; Cubby’s, ex, 939.82; Dean’s Mkt, ex, 68.28; Dollar General, ex, 66.75; Douglas Co Court, ex, 3.25; Eakes Office, ex, 359.38; Elgin One Stop, ex, 410.00; Elgin Library, ex, 2,853.12; Elite Office, ex, 954.84; Frontier Comm, ut, 2,066.50; Good Life Counseling, ex, 293.12; Great Plains Comm, ut, 90.00; Tessa Hain, mlg 10.00; Lyle Hart, ex, 200.00; Charles Henery, mlg 75.90; Hilltop Drug, ex, 18.54; Hometown Station, ex, 89.51; Nadene Hughes, ps, 14.00; Jonny Dodge, ex, 64.43; Frank Kamphaus, ps, 16.00; Knox Co Emergency Mgt, ex, 186.24; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 18.46; Lou’s Gloves, ex, 168.00; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 662.00; Martin’s Flag, ex, 312.48; Marvin Planning Consultants, ex, 500.00; Microfilm Imaging, ex, 41.00; Morland, Easland & Lohrberg, ex, 280.68; Moyers Dept, ex, 126.00; Kelly Mueller, mlg 238.05; NE Health & Human, ex, 186.00; NE Planning & Zoning, ex, 70.00; Neligh Auto, ex, 39.23; Neligh News, ex, 96.22; Neligh Postmaster, ex, 144.00; Nielsen Ins, ex, 100.00; Norfolk News, ex, 112.95; NE Nebr Assn County Office, ex, 200.00; NE Nebr Juvenile, ex, 1,402.50; Oakdale Library, ex, 2,715.63; Connie Ofe, ex, 154.91; Orchard Library, ex, 2,715.63; Donna Payne, ps, 25.00; Lisa Payne, ex, 1,120.00; Sheriff-petty cash24.59; Ed Schindler, mlg 125.00; Shell Fleet, ex, 757.99; Caroline Siems, ps, 25.00; Source Gas, ut, 397.37; Chuck Thiemann, ex, 30.00; Thriftway Mkt, ex, 204.08; Tilden Library, ex, 2,716.50; UNL ITS Comm, ex, 93.30; Verizon Wireless, ut, 45.24; Clearwater Village, ut, 250.00; Wanek Drug, ex, 110.80; Bonita Welke, ps, 22.00; Rod Wilke, mlg 108.10; Neil Williby, mlg 71.30; Willie’s Service, ex, 88.33; Zee Medical, ex, 11.95
Road & Bridge at Large: AMH Family, ex, 294.00; Appeara, ex, 233.67; B’s Enterprises, ex, 1,955.00; Bomgaars, ex, 84.96; Cornhusker Int, ex, 132.05; Cubby’s, ex, 81.03; Darren’s Service, ex, 38.75; Hinrichsen Sand, ex, 5,736.65; Hometown Station, ex, 247.73; Jebro Inc, ex, 188,635.29; JEO Consulting, ex, 11,911.50; John Deere Credit, ex, 69,837.17; Jonny Dodge, ex, 1,898.84; Kumm Gas, ex, 1,068.86; Lazy T Tire , ex, 25.00; Maddock Construction, ex, 3,232.76; Matteo Sand, ex, 328.68; Medical Enterprises, ex, 93.00; Midwest Service, ex, 8,043.52; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 16,541.68; Mr S’s, ex, 750.42; Neligh Auto, ex, 101.55; Newman Traffic, ex, 307.18; NMC Exchange, ex, 811.75; Norfolk Works, ex, 45.00; OK Auto, ex, 25.44; OK Tire, ex, 819.46; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 4,989.33; Powerplan, ex, 6,612.28; Quality Iron, ex, 142.60; Road Builders Mach, ex, 1,029.60; Royal One Stop, ex, 255.31; Shell Fleet, ex, 1,467.42; Willow Creek Sand, ex, 9,282.28
Brunswick Area: Bomgaars, ex, 444.56; Frontier Comm, ut, 78.81; Kumm Gas, ex, 2,032.31; Mitteis Gravel, ex, 372.32; Neligh Auto, ex, 26.95; NMC Exchange, ex, 4,590.79; North Central Power, ut, 127.47; Powerplan, ex, 2,335.09; Zee Medical, ex, 19.35
Orchard Area: Dusty’s, ex, 199.70; Frontier Comm, ut, 76.60; Green Line Equip, ex, 202.92; Kayton Int, ex, 1,500.00; Mitteis, ex, 1,117.59; Neligh Auto, ex, 62.99; North Central Power, ut, 57.73; Source Gas, ut, 34.40; Zee Medical, ex, 34.97
Clearwater Area: Mitteis Gravel, ex, 1,108.84; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 6,484.43; Shell Fleet, ex, 120.13; Source Gas, ut, 30.35; Clearwater Village, ut, 54.00; Zee Medical, ex, 33.06
Neligh Area: Bomgaars, ex, 26.97; Cubby’s, ex, 157.19; Frontier Comm, ut, 62.58; Green Line Equip, ex, 246.91; Pollock Redi Mix, ex203.29; Lynn Wilkinson, ex, 57.50
Tilden Area: Black Hills Energy, ut, 25.91; Tilden City, ut, 108.82; Constellation Gas, ut, 10.93; D & M Machinery, ex, 17.78; Darren’s Service 67.30; Frontier Comm, ut, 65.96; Matteo Sand, ex, 894.72; Mr S’s, ex, 121.18; Nebr Public Power, ut, 33.82; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 1,823.26; Willow Creek Sand, ex, 400.62
Oakdale Area: Bomgaars, ex, 170.73; Great Plains Comm, ut, 62.88; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 2,928.60; Matteo Sand, ex, 2,052.00; Mr S’s, ex, 58.90; Nebr Public Power, ut, 36.32; Pollock Redi Mix, ex, 667.39; Powerplan, ex, 4,277.19; David Totten, ex, 285.00; Zee Medical, ex, 41.90
Elgin Area: Central Valley, ex, 15.75;Great Plains Comm, ut, 51.10; Hometown Station, ex, 139.27; NMC Exchange, ex, 305.84; Sapp Brother, ex, 1,925.31; Zee Medical, ex, 143.84
Visitors Fund: Neligh Bread N’ Jam, ex, 300.00
Reappraisal: ESRI, ex, 400.00; Quality Inn, ex, 207.00
Building Fund: Boyd’s Electrical, ex, 181.56
Payroll - General: Total Payroll, 76,704.24; Ameritas, ret 11,882.84; WH 8,322.18; Garnishment, 594.00; Ameritas, ins, 2,149.71; AFLAC, ins, 98.54; BC/BS, ins, 52,040.88; Colonial, ins, 58.25; 1st Concord, ins, 395.00; Madison National, ins, 682.47; Mid-American Benefits, ins, 255.00; ST, 2,735.25; SS, 15,451.60; Washington National, ins, 399.30
Payroll - Road & Bridge: Total Payroll, 53,815.38; Ameritas, ret 8,100.58; WH, 6,180.76; Garnishment, 435.00; Ameritas, ins, 1,165.71; AFLAC, ins, 302.13; BC/BS, ins, 28,836.54; Colonial, ins, 64.80; 1st Concord, ins, 208.33; Madison National, ins, 432.05; Mid-American Benefits, ins, 150.00; ST, 2,213.06; SS, 10,996.34; Washington National, ins, 24.90
Payroll - Diversion: Total Payroll, 76.38; Ameritas, ret 10.63; WH, 4.81; ST, 1.83; SS, 14.46.
General discussion claims.
Approved 4 underground permits.
Set MSHA Training date.
Approved Tall Grass rebury a line 8 inches deeper.
Discussed and approved specs for motor grader.
Approved publishing budget, and public hearing for the 15th of September, 2015 at 9:00 AM.
Discussion on cement in parking lot and in front of doors.
Discussion held on selling of used culverts.
Meeting Adjourned.
Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: September 16, 2015

Notice to Bidders — Antelope County

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The Antelope County Board of Supervisors has the intent to purchase a new All Wheel Drive motor grader; spec sheets may be obtained from the Antelope County Clerks office. The Antelope County Board will accept bids until 9:00 AM on October 6th, 2015. Bids must be submitted in a sealed envelope addressed to the Antelope County Board of Supervisors, 501 Main Street, Rm 5, PO Box 26, Neligh, NE 68756-0026 or hand delivered to the Antelope County Clerks office. The envelope must be clearly marked “Bid for Motor Grader” on the outside of the sealed envelope. Bids will be opened at 10:30 AM on October 6th, 2015. The Antelope County Board of Supervisors reserves the right to accept or reject any or all bids.
PUBLISH: September 16 and 23, 2015

Notice — Estate of Leo Dwyer

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In the County Court of Antelope County, Nebraska
Estate of LEO N. DWYER, Deceased
Estate No. PR15-28
Notice is hereby given that on Sept. 8, 2015, in the County Court of Antelope County, Nebraska, the Registrar issued a written statement of Informal Probate of the Will of said Decedent and that Patricia Spieker at 52002 844th Rd., Elgin, NE 68636 was informally appointed by the Registrar as Personal Representative of the Estate.
Creditors of this Estate must file their claims with this Court on or before Nov. 16, 2015 or be forever barred.
Barbara J. Finn
Clerk of the County Court
Address of County Court:
County Court of Antelope County
501 Main St., P.O. Box 26,
Neligh, NE 68756
Amy M. Eisenhauer (Bar I.D. #23605)
Archbold Law Office, L.L.P.
201 N. Broadway
P.O. Box 707
Bloomfield, NE 68718
Phone: (402) 373-4240
Fax: (402) 373-2890
E-mail: amy@archboldlawoffice.com
PUBLISH: September 16, 23 and 30, 2015

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