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Notice of Public Hearing — City of Elgin

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TO:   All residents of the City of Elgin, Nebraska, and to all others interested persons.
RE:   One and Six Year Street Improvement Plan
DATE:   February 2, 2015
TIME:   7:30 P.M.
LOCATION:   City Hall
This public notice is to inform all interested persons that the City of Elgin, Nebraska shall hold a public hearing at the City Hall on the 2nd day of February, 2015 at 7:30 P.M.
The purpose of the hearing is to inform the public of the one and six year street improvement plan for the City of Elgin, to allow the city council to hear public testimony in favor of and/or against the proposed street improvement plan and to answer any questions in regards to the proposed plan.  A copy of the proposed one and six year plan is on file with the City Clerk, and is subject to the public review and comment.
City of Elgin, Nebraska
Mike Schmitt, Mayor
Vicki S. Miller, City Clerk
PUBLISH: January 21, 2015

Notice of Meetings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Notice is hereby given that the County Board of Supervisor’s of Antelope County, Nebraska will hold meetings in the County Supervisor’s room in the Antelope County Courthouse Annex, Neligh, Nebraska on the following dates and times:
February 3, 2015 at 9:00 AM
February 10, 2015 at 8:00 AM
Meetings will be open to the public.  An agenda, kept continuously current, is available for public inspection at the Antelope County Clerk’s office and may be modified at such meeting to include items of an emergency nature pursuant to Section 84-1411 of the Nebraska Revised Statutes.
PUBLISH: January 21, 2015

Proceedings — Antelope County Board of Supervisors

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Neligh, Nebraska
January 13, 2015
Notice of meeting published as required by statute.
A complete record of these minutes as well as all resolutions and agreements are on file at the County Clerk’s office and are open to the public.
Those responding to roll call: Brandt, Kerkman, Schindler, Williby, Henery and Schwager.  Bolling absent.
Old Business:
Approved Claims for payment:
We, the Committee on Claims, report that we have examined and approved for payment the following claims:
GENERAL FUND: AMH Family, ex, 440.00; Antelope Co Clerk, ex, 17.25; Antelope Co Court, ex, 63.00; Antelope Co News, ex, 24.00; Antelope Co Sheriff, ex, 25.08; Appeara, ex, 122.40; Applied Connective Tech, ex, 202.62; AS Central Finance, ex, 527.60; Automated Police Systems, ex, 500.00; Larry Baker, mlg, 56.00; Bob Barker Co, ex, 48.72; Bomgaars, ex, 65.38; Eleanor Brady, ps, 25.00; Harlan Brandt, ps, 74.48; Brogan & Gray, ex, 748.71; Dean Brown, ps, 25.00; Buffalo Co Sheriff, ex, 22.72; Carney Law, ex, 3271.21; Char Carpenter, mlg, 137.76; Casey’s General, ex, 157.72; Cash, Wa Dist, ex, 340.17; Neligh City, ut, 3701.68; Judith Cole, mlg, 216.16; Cubby’s, ex, 209.74; DDSS, ex, 1257.75; Dean’s Mkt, ex, 35.76; Digital, Ally, ex, 20.00; Dollar General, ex, 100.20; Dusty’s, ex, 29.00; Eakes Office, ex, 300.69; Elgin Appliance, ex, 87.00; Elgin Review, ex, 179.44; Elite Office, ex, 516.23; Fairfield Inn, ex, 500.00; Farm & Home, ex, 235.00; Federal Licensing, ex, 129.00; Frontier Communications, ut, 2607.52; Tessa Hain, mlg, 283.81; Lyle Hart, mlg, 200.00; Charles Henery, mlg, 176.96; Hilltop Drug, ex, 24.16; Nadene Hughes, ps, 14.00; Indoff, ex, 32.12; Jack’s Uniform, ex, 653.94; Jonny Dodge, ex, ex, 219.83; Frank Kamphaus, ps, 16.00; LeRoy Kerkman, mlg, 171.92; Jeff Doerr Law, ex, 2231.57; Madison Co Sheriff, ex, 28.29; Matthew Bender, ex, 66.08; Maximus Consulting, ex, 2100.00; Microfilm Imaging, ex, 87.00; MIPS, ex, 634.14; Morland, Easland & Lohrberg, ex, 2154.54; Moyer’s Store, ex, 91.96; National Sheriff’s Assn, ex, 54.00; NACO, ex, 1762.00; Nebr U C Fund, ex, 2982.00; NE Health & Human Ser, ex, 183.00; Nebr Plan & Zone, ex, 220.00; Nebr State Bar Assn, ex, 240.00; Nebr Supreme Court, ex, 105.25; Nebr Weed Assn, ex, 340.00; Nebr Weedettes, ex, 35.00; Neligh News, ex, 179.30; Neligh Postmaster, ex, 140.00;  Netcom, ex, 2064.00; NE Nebr RC & D, ex, 1500.00; OK Tire, ex, 152.95; Orchard News, ex, 122.32; Donna Payne, ps, 25.00; Carolyn Pedersen, ex, 1300.00; Antelope Dist Court, petty cash, 24.45; Antelope Co Sheriff, petty cash, 12.98; Physicians Lab, ex, 258.00; Visa, Pinnacle, ex, 474.36; Pitney Bowes, ex, 1137.00; Precision Repair, ex, 676.00; Region IV, ex, 7123.00; Reliable Office, ex, 70.51; Royal One Stop, ex, 82.62; Schroeder Land, ex, 115.00; Jerald Schwager, mlg, 59.36; Shell Fleet, ex, 826.05; Source Gas, ut, 1389.47; Special T’s, ex, 189.40; Thriftway Market, ex, 655.08; Neligh Post Office, ex, 281.85; US Cellular, ut, 734.76; Verizon Wireless, ut, 45.00; Wanek Drug, ex, 78.45; Western Office, ex, 6.48; Wheeler Co Court, ex, 2.50; Rod Wilke, ex, 24.43; Neil Williby, mlg, 65.52; Zee Medical, ex, 21.40; Elgin One Stop, ex, 554.75
ROAD & BRIDGE: (Brunswick Area) Beaver Bearing, ex, 89.95; Bomgaars, ex, 186.41; Frontier Communication, ut, 78.42; John Hruby, ex, 218.40; Key Sanitation, ut, 18.00; Kumm Gas, ex, 4591.94; Lichtenberg Tire, ex, 3366.00; N & B Gas, ut, 415.81;       NMC Exchange, ex, 290.40; North Central Power, ut, 210.32; Powerplan, ex, 283.81; Quality Iron, ex, 20.50; Brunswick Village, ut, 39.50; Zoubek Oil, ex, 398.75; Matheson Tri, Gas, ex, 146.30
(Orchard Area) Dusty’s, ex, 248.96; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1814.96; Frontier Communications, ut, 266.58; Green Line Equip, ex, 406.12; Lazy T Tire, ex, 9.42; Neligh Auto, ex, 27.49; Netcom, ex, 125.00; North Central Power, ut, 175.75; Powerplan, ex, 673.76; Sanne Service, ex, 72.09; Source Gas, ut, 352.75; Orchard Village, ut, 30.50
(Clearwater Area) Bomgaars, ex, 364.67; Elkhorn Public Power, ut, 125.69; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 2623.52; Green Line Equip, ex, 163.03; Jonny Dodge, ex, 31.30; Neligh Auto, ex, 51.33; NMC Exchange, ex, 720.92; NE Nebr Telephone, ut, 50.11; Powerplan, ex, 853.72; Quality Iron, ex, 26.00; Shell Fleet, ex, 131.35; Source Gas, ut, 265.83; Clearwater Village, ut, 53.50
(Neligh Area) Bomgaars, ex, 105.42; Cubby’s, ex, 191.94; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 102.71; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1541.03; Frontier Communications, ut, 62.57; Jonny Dodge, ex, 93.80; Road Builders, ex, 6076.87; R F Machine Works, ex, 370.50
(Tilden Area) Black Hills Energy, ut, 251.86; B’s Enterprises, ex, 920.00; Bomgaars, ex, 80.31; Tilden City, ut, 81.60; Constellation Energy Gas, ut, 938.19; Frontier Communications, ut, 62.21; Kayton Inl, ex, 1104.29; Mr S’s, ex, 150.90; Nebr Public Power, ut, 257.16; Neligh Auto, ex, 16.48; NMC Exchange, ex, 40.84; Powerplan, ex, 300.88; Quality Iron, ex, 27.60; Sapp Bros, ex, 1056.70
(Oakdale Area) Bomgaars, ex, 60.93; D & M Machinery, ex, 11.47; Echo Electric, ex, 18.52; Farmer’s Pride, ex, 1432.48; Great Plains Communications, ut, 90.87; H.K. Fertilizer, ex, 190.0; Mr S’s, ex, 134.57; Nebr Public Power, ut, 82.15; NMC Exchange, ex, 80.04; Quality Iron, ex, 15.45; Source Gas, ut, 285.85
(Elgin Area) Bomgaars, ex, 28.15; Central Valley Ag, ex, 37.14; Elgin City, ut, 54.75; Elgin Auto, ex, 15.78; Elgin One Stop, ex, 320.15; Elkhorn Rural Public Power, ut, 127.44; Great Plains Communications, ut, 50.16; Jerry’s Feed, ex, 12.95; Kayton Inl, ex, 1100.00; Sapp Bros, ex, 2085.00; Source Gas, ut, 532.03; The Station, ex, 172.28
(At Large) Appeara, ex, 176.09; B’s Enterprises, ex, 6290.20; Bomgaars, ex, 39.56; Fastenal Co, ex, 118.89; Jerry Finkral, ex, 125.00; Green Line Equip, ex, 3400.00; Jason Hoefer Trucking, ex, 1469.79; Island Supply, ex, 349.21; JEO Consulting, ex, 3320.00; Jonny Dodge, ex, 120.80; Kumm Gas, ex, 254.85; Largen Mfg, ex, 70.00; Martin Marietta, ex, 2547.64; Medical Enterprises, ex, 98.00; Mr S’s, 174.20; Nebr Dept of Revenue, ex, 782.00; Newman Traffic Signs, ex, 1373.00; Norfolk Works, ex, 64.00; OK Auto, ex, 32.95; Powerplan, ex, 1628.32; Quality Iron, ex, 32.40; Royal One Stop, ex, 320.58; Shell Fleet, ex, 233.74; The Station, ex, 91.18
COUNTY VISITORS IMPROVEMENT FUNDS: Antelope Co Historical Society, ex, 1500.00
BUILDING FUND: Boyd’s Electrical Service, ex, 24,465.47; Cornhusker State, ex, 23,499.62; Floyd River Materials, ex, 521.20;
K Porter Construction, ex, 423.00; Platte Valley Comm, ex, 10,000.00; Prochaska & Associates, ex, 5673.31; Radec Construction, ex, 220,436.25; Stepp Co, ex, 9164.00
GENERAL FUND PAYROLL: Total Wages, 71,354.59; SS, 14,466.30; ST, 2609.64; WH, 7824.84; Ameritas, ret, 10,999.40; Ameritas, ins, 1904.74; AFLAC, ins, 98.54; Colonial, ins, 58.25; Cooportunity, ins, 40,053.48; 1st Concord Benefits, ins, 283.33; Garnishment, 968.41; Madison National, ins, 432.36; Mid, American Benefit, ins, 232.50; Washington National, ins, 399.30
ROAD & BRIDGE PAYROLL: Total Wages, 46,080.71; SS, 9445.26; ST, 1861.93; WH, 5,274.60; Ameritas, ret, 7111.88; Ameritas, ins, 1060.86; AFLAC, ins, 337.49; Colonial, ins, 64.80; Cooportunity Health, ex, 23,279.07; 1st Concord Benefits, ins, 208.33; Garnishment, 368.51; Madison National, ins, 244.56; Mid, American Benenfit, ins, 135.00; Washington National, ins, 24.90
New Business:
Supervisor Schwager voted in as Chairman and Supervisor Williby was elected Vice Chairman of the County Board.
Committees for various organizations were discussed and set.  2015 Holidays were set.
Authorized Treasurer to Invest Funds
Re-appointed the Veteran Service Officer, Weed Control Superintendent, Zoning Administrator, County Surveyor
Pledge Collateral was reviewed.
Correspondence was reviewed.
Approved county depositories for 2015/Bank of Elgin, The Tilden Bank, Brunswick State Bank, Heritage Bank, Pinnacle Bank
Met Matthew Geyer from Murphy Tractor.  No action.
Reviewed Sheriff and Clerk of the District Courts fee reports.
Reviewed Treasurers December Fund Balance Report and miscellaneous fee report.
Approved Township freeholders bond.
Approved 2 members to Extension Board, Greg Ptacek and Lynne Heithoff.
Anita Hall announced her retirement at the end of June 2015.
Discussed fiber optic Contract with Great Plains, to be reviewed on February 3rd.
Discussed Old County Museum.
Signed authorization for County Clerk to transfer funds.
Discussed Job Applications for District 5.
Discussed rehiring of Craig Cornett.
Approved purchase of  new Dodge Pickup for Sheriff’s Department.
Approved purchasing  Pickup for District 4.
Approved purchase  pickup for Distrit 1.
Meeting adjourned.        Antelope County Board of Supervisors
Chairman of County Board
Attest: LISA PAYNE /s/
Antelope County Clerk
PUBLISH: January 21, 2015

Proceedings — District #18 Board of Education

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Regular Meeting
Distance Learning Room, EPS
January 15, 2015, 7:30 PM
Supt. Dan Polk called the regular January 2015 meeting to order at 7:30 p.m.  Board members present were Steve Busteed, Stan Heithoff, Steve Heithoff, Bob Hoefer, and Laurie Waterbury.  Administrators present were Superintendent Dan Polk and Principal Greg Wemhoff.
Supt. Polk led the “Pledge of Allegiance.”  He also reminded everyone that a copy of the Nebraska Open Meetings Law was posted in the meeting room.
School board meeting notice complied with Meeting Notice Policy #204.07.
The first action item was to appoint a person to a two-year term since there were no candidates to fill the position.  Laurie Waterbury made a motion, Steve Heithoff second to appoint Doug Jones to the open position.  Vote 5-0, motion carried.  Doug Jones took the Oath of Office later in the meeting.
Mr. Polk asked for nominations for board reorganization.  Laurie Waterbury nominated Steve Heithoff for board president.  Stan Heithoff seconded the motion.  There being no further nominations, a roll call vote was held.  Laurie Waterbury, Steve Busteed, Bob Hoefer, Stan Heithoff, and Doug Jones voted yes, Steve Heithoff abstained.  Motion carried.
President Heithoff then took over the meeting and asked for nominations for Vice President.  Stan Heithoff nominated Laurie Waterbury for the position, Bob Hoefer second.  Steve Heithoff, Busteed, Jones, Hoefer, and Stan Heithoff voted aye, Waterbury abstained, motion carried.
Bob Hoefer was nominated for Secretary by Laurie Waterbury and seconded by Stan Heithoff.  Bob Hoefer then nominated Doug Jones for Secretary and Steve Busteed seconded the nomination.  Roll call vote was taken and Hoefer, Busteed, Steve Heithoff, and Stan Heithoff voted for Jones and Waterbury and Jones voted for Hoefer.  Doug Jones won the nomination in a 4-2 vote.
Hoefer then nominated Stan Heithoff for Treasurer and Busteed seconded the motion.  Waterbury, Busteed, Hoefer, Steve Heithoff, and Jones voted aye, Stan Heithoff abstained, motion carried.
Stan Heithoff then motioned and Jones seconded to designate the Official Depository of Funds as the Bank of Elgin, the Legal Newspaper as the Elgin Review, the Bus Inspector as Jonny Dodge, the Superintendent as the Official to Apply for and Receive Federal Funds and the District’s Non-discrimination Compliance Officer and the law firm of KSB School Law as School Attorney.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Waterbury motioned and Hoefer second to approve the Consent Agenda: #5- Minutes of Regular Meeting, #6- Adopt the Agenda, #7- Financial Report, #8- Board Bills. Motion carried, vote 6-0.
Antelope County Clerk, Board Expense, $446.72; Appeara, Maintenance, $58.34; Beckman Lumber, Instru Expense, $104.17; Boone County Clerk, Board Expense, $50.00; Central NE Rehab, SpEd Expense, $490.28; CVA, Maintenance, $220.89, Instru Expense, $27.25; City of Elgin, Maintenance, $671.25; Dean’s Market, Instru Expense, $23.03; ESU #8, $12,352.57; Elgin One Stop, Transportation, $1,985.69; Elgin Review, Business Expense, $529.50, Board Expense, $62.65; Elite Office Products, Instru Expense, $348.77, Business Expense, $135.48; Great Plains Comm., Business Expense, $594.58; Green Thumb, Maintenance, $1,207.77; Hadley Braithwait, Maintenance, $87.90; Harris School Solutions, Business Expense, $497.04; Iburg, Sherri, SpEd Expense, $36.80; Island Supply, Instru Expense, $193.61; Jonny Dodge, Transportation, $1,060.05; Kittelson, Jim, Maintenance, $665.00; Midwest Floor Specialists, Maintenance, $64.30; Norfolk Daily News, Instru Expense, $100.00; Public Risk Management, Board Expense, $100.00; Reimbursement    , $194.53; Schumacher Exterm., Maintenance, $80.00; The Station, Instru Expense, $528.52; Thompson Co., Maintenance, $62.70; Verizon Business, Business Expense, $31.64; Winners’ Circle, Board Expense, $69.50
Total Board Bills: $23,080.53
January Payroll:     $189,258.37
Total Board Bills/ Payroll: $212,338.90
President Heithoff recognized visitors and asked if the patrons had any comments.
Principal Wemhoff reported on upcoming state writing tests, teacher inservice on Jan. 22, and Wolfpack  joint meeting on Jan. 21st.  Discussion was held on finding a different holiday tournament.
Supt. Polk reported on the board self-evaluation.  Waterbury read some of the board comments that she had compiled from the self-evaluations and the board will discuss them further at the upcoming board retreat.
In action items, bids for replacement of the gym floor were reviewed.  Stan Heithoff motioned to accept the bid from Anderson-Ladd for strip maple flooring with sport wood direct wood tiles on the perimeter subject to mock-up approval in the amount of $94,900.  Busteed seconded the motion.  All voted aye, motion carried.
Hoefer motioned, Waterbury second to approve policies in Board Policy section 700 and 800 on first reading.  Vote 6-0, motion carried.
Motion by Stan Heithoff, second by Jones to adjourn the meeting.  All voted aye.  Motion carried.  The meeting adjourned at 9:07 p.m.
The board will hold its annual retreat on January 22, 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the EPS Distance Learning Room.  The next regular board meeting will be held February 11, 2015 at 7:30 PM at the EPS Distance Learning Room.
Respectfully submitted,
Doug Jones, Secretary
Paula Jensen, Recorder
-This is a draft copy and does not become official Elgin Public Board minutes until approved at the next regular or advertised meeting.
PUBLISH: January 21, 2015

Notice of Meeting — Antelope County Planning Commission

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The Antelope County Planning Commission will be meeting with the Antelope County Board of Supervisors on February 10, 2015 at 10:30 am. The meeting is being held to discuss the selection of a planner to update the Antelope County Comprehensive Plan and Zoning Regulations.
PUBLISH: January 28, 2015

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